Hugh Cumberland

Hugh is a specialist in STP, automation/efficiency and outsourcing, in post-trade, clearing/settlement and treasury/payments. Before joining Colt in 2011, he worked both inside Financial Services for banks and brokers and for service providers to the sector.

Source of trust

17 Jan 2014

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For many companies in the financial sector, the resilience of their systems is vital to their business model and an area where no compromises can be made. Since financial companies have a level of systems requirements that are very specific and quite demanding, it is important for them to be able to trust their infrastructure partner. [...] Read more

Algo ahead & make some predictions about FTTs in 2014

10 Sep 2013

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A recent article caught my attention on the topic of FX markets regulation, lately a hot-button issue here in Europe. As Christian Voigt rightly pointed out recently on Fidessa’s Regulation Matters blog: “Although it is widely accepted that MiFID II will implement new regulation on algorithmic and high-frequency trading, that doesn’t seem to have stopped the [...] Read more

Tweet causes Apple stock price rise

20 Aug 2013

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Trading based on social media sentiment has become a trending topic itself – with recent news stories showing both the negative and the positive impact social media can have on a company’s share price. Last week billionaire investor Carl Icahn caused a rise in Apple’s stock price after sharing his opinion that the stock was undervalued [...] Read more

Can balloons really enable HFT, or is it just hot air?

09 Aug 2013

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With the ability to support trading speeds up to 50% faster than fibre, you could be forgiven for thinking that microwave is the ultimate tool for high-frequency traders. But in the never ending hunt for competitive advantage, plans are being drawn up to squeeze even more advantage out of microwave technology. One provider has proposed a [...] Read more

Can your business continuity team prepare for an event like Hurricane Sandy?

26 Nov 2012

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The Olympics, Hurricane Sandy and even the continued unrest in the Middle East have kept business continuity and disaster recovery planning at the top of the business agenda this year. Business continuity planning involves preparing for problems so that you can deal with them in a way that avoids, or at least minimises, business disruption. While [...] Read more

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