Ralph Achkar

Ralph Achkar is Colt’s Capital Markets Product Director. He is responsible for the global product portfolio and its expansion across services and geographies. A regular commentator on the Asia and FX markets, Ralph joined Colt when low latency market data specialist MarketPrizm was acquired in 2011. Previously Ralph worked at Turquoise as co-head of sales and Citigroup as a VP in Markets and Securities Services where he spent five years covering financial institutions and infrastructures, with assignments in Frankfurt and Moscow.

The Virtual Markets

The cloud has changed the way the majority of us live our lives. Not just in terms of personal storage but also when it comes to applications and services we use on a daily basis and the way that we…

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OTC Derivatives under MiFID II

One of the major – and possibly one of the most transformative – parts of the MiFID II regulation is the introduction of controls around the OTC market, and specifically how certain asset classes should be traded. Organised Trading Facilities…

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LSE / Deutsche Boerse – what next?

Over the last couple of days we’ve seen the merger of the LSE and Deutsche Boerse play out in the press to much speculation from various sections of the media, reminiscent of days when super-mergers were more commonplace. What makes…

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RegTech in Capital Markets

FinTech continues to dominate the headlines. It’s hard to open any business or financial publication at the moment without seeing an article on the impact of new, innovative companies ready to change our financial lives using technology. The blockchain alone…

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MiFIDII: Putting our heads together

In my last blog, I explored the intricacies of timestamping under MiFID II. A natural next step is to take a closer look at the monitoring and reporting requirements the directive will introduce. These requirements impact both the investment firm…

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MiFID II – How do you measure time?

The timestamping requirements of MiFID II have been discussed at length in the press and behind closed doors. New versions of platforms are being released which cater for these requirements and it seems that the enormity of the compliance task…

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