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Colt CIO Research 2013

Bridging The Gap Between Technology And Business Needs

Colt believes that by changing the way that the enterprise consumes services, by flexing commercial, service and technology elements in line with business requirements, the CIO can become a service delivery leader, brokering the best services for the business and being at the very centre of the enterprise business transformation.

Colt has commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore where today’s European CIO is on their journey towards service delivery management leadership and what is shaping that change.

Based on interviews with over 400 CIOs and senior IT decision-makers in eight countries across Europe, this report identifies the four main forces that confront CIOs today. Each one has significant implications on how the role of the CIO will evolve in the coming three to five years ahead.

Personal forces

Personal forces determine how CIOs position themselves and prepare for the task of becoming a more strategic business leader.

Relationship forces

Relationship forces define improved cooperation and information exchange between the IT department and business lines and changes to the way they work together.

Technology forces

Technology forces require the CIO to look beyond the enterprise to design an innovative technology infrastructure that delivers services encompassing legacy infrastructure, data analytics, and cloud-based services while addressing security and privacy concerns.

Regulatory forces

Regulatory forces determine the regulatory framework to meet compliance requirements both in-country and cross-border while imposing business limitations due to privacy legislation.

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