Simple, secure and scalable data centre interconnects.



With Colt’s Data Centre Interconnect (DCNet) , you can energise your global IT strategy with on-demand, direct access to more than 560 vendor-neutral data centres across Europe, Asia and North America. Our service gives you a dedicated, high-performance and scalable Ethernet connection – enabling your business-critical IT services to work together seamlessly.

DCNet enables global enterprise and service providers that rely increasingly on cloud computing, disaster recovery, business continuity planning, content delivery, on-demand applications and a host of other remotely-based IT services. With Colt, you finally get the missing piece - that point-to-point or multi-point access that's essential to fully capitalise on your partner eco-system and boost business performance.


Join up your IT seamlessly with a simple cross connect, even if your IT services are hosted in different cities and countries

Arrange interconnects between any number of data centres - among 560+ vendor-neutral locations in Europe, Asia and USA

It's fast and easy – Our pre wired network of over 130 key business locations means connecting your data centres in as little as 10 days


Our award-winning, business-grade Ethernet services are fast to deploy, cost-effective and easy to manage. Ethernet gives you simplicity, cost and flexibility. With scalable bandwidth from 100Mbps to 10Gbps, you can get what you need at any time (100G can also be provided upon request). Colt can guarantee performance and bandwidth, while providing exceptional security.

Coverage - Connect to 560+ data centres in Europe, Asia and the USA

Resilience - Services are provided on protected rings, dual-homed infrastructure and a protected core network. Resilience options can provide full 1+1 service redundancy, diversity and an SLA of 99.999% availability backed by a guarantee

Choice of service – Choose point-to-point, point-to-multi point Ethernet services (100Mbps to 10Gbps) – or Colt High Speed Service (HSS) for flexible, private networking

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