Email Services

Colt's in-the-cloud email services means peace of mind at a lower overall cost

All your critical business email applications in the cloud where you’ll benefit from a scalable, robust and a cost-effective way of ensure that your business has all it needs. 


  • High grade Managed Business Email platform improves teamwork through instant sharing of schedules and messages.
  • Colt Managed Business Email delivers everything; no need to spend money on hardware or software.
  • Colt Managed Email Security is all about repelling threats but it's also about maximising the performance of your network.
  • Colt Managed Email Security, where we stop infected and unwanted email getting through, helping you improve the performance of your network, applications and people.
  • Colt Managed Email Archiving  which is delivered over the Internet as a managed service, so you're able to comply with regulations with a minimal total cost of ownership and no up-front capital investment.
  • Archive facility where no hardware or software is required; the service helps simplify your IT environment and frees up your internal IT resources to focus on other projects
  • Colt Managed Email Services - your critical business email is provided in the cloud, where you know you ’ll benefit from scalable, robust and a cost-effective solutions from a world-class partner.
  • Business Email

    You can't work without it - and everyone uses it: Colt Business Email delivers the basics brilliantly. It offers the advanced email features you need to boost your performance - every day.


  • Email Security

    Your email and Internet are vital but also potentially dangerous to your business’s security. Colt Managed Email Security uses the most advanced multi-layered security technology to help you work with total confidence.


  • Email Archiving

    Email Archiving has been designed to help you meet the challenge of managing the ever-increasing volumes of corporate email, while remaining compliant with regulations governing electronic document access and retention.


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