Build a low cost, state-of-the-art virtual call centre

Customer service is critical to business but satisfaction levels fall when a customer experiences long call waiting times. Spread out locations and outdated PBX systems often cause delays. But there is an easy way to integrate workforces and equipment. With Colt IVR services and virtual call centres, you can move to a state-of-the-art contact centre quickly -- at a price you can afford.




Start building your virtual call centre for minimal cost


Instantly expand your team expertise. Our IVR and virtual contact services are supported by industry experts who work with you from set-up and beyond.


You can’t afford to risk alienating customers but customer service costs can spiral too. Our experts will create a contact centre that minimises risk, and cost, to the business.


We never charge for idle capacity. Simply pay as you grow with our flexible packages and monthly charges. You can easily add capacity during peaks and emergencies.

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Ronald Schäffer


The project was a complete success and we achieved the goal we had set ourselves. Our close collaboration with Colt and StarTech meant we were able to develop a perfect solution for our readers.

Professional, flexible IVR services


As business increasingly relies on greater mobility our IVR services are designed to work to a high level across both web and mobile.


IVR reporting is a breeze with interactive call stats that detail real-time and consolidated statistics for every interaction that takes place with the call centre.


Manage your customer support resources more efficiently by queuing calls on the network, then allocating dynamically to locations or agency based on capacity or skill-set.

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