Colt Number Hosting; Pan-European SIP trunking services under your own brand

If you operate your own VoIP platform, our Number Hosting service enables you to build, integrate and sell your own solutions under your own brand - based on the unique Pan-European technical, process and regulatory expertise from Colt. Number Hosting is a multi-national SIP trunking solution for outbound and inbound traffic, based on a single IP connectivity to your platform.




Work with experts to rapidly grow your European VoIP business


Our experts take care of all country specifics such as porting and full regulatory compliance including emergency call routing and lawful intercept.


Grow your European VoIP business rapidly, with minimum effort and cost. Simply offer our quality Voice, UC or Cloud Communication Services under your own brand


Maintain control of your end-customers and run your business more efficiently with the right- set of Pan-European tools.

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If a customer wants to expand into a new country, we can too — I just have to make one call to Colt and everything’s taken care of.

Easily build your own quality and compliant VoIP services


With 20 years expertise supplying full regulatory compliance across Europe including emergency call routing and lawful intercept, we are the compliance experts.


Build your own VoIP services or integrate them into your UC / Cloud Solutions across multiple countries. You manage all calls from and to your end-customers over a single SIP trunk with Colt.


Our pan-European carrier-grade network ensure a high-quality of inbound and outbound calls. All through a single physical IP connectivity for all countries.

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