Networking in the era of internet TV

The conclusions of Ofcom’s third review of public service TV broadcasting throw into sharp relief some crucial issues facing broadcasters and media companies right now. Among other findings, the review shows that only 50% of viewing among 16-24 year olds…

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Colt’s network expansion programme

Colt is continuously investing in our network. We  aim to create  faster routes, increase our fibre capacity and deploy a higher density of our network all over Europe. Colt’s investment strategy is to grow the density of our existing metro…

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Meeting the bandwidth challenge between data centres

With over 20 years of experience in designing, integrating and managing mission-critical enterprise networking solutions, Colt appreciates that no two organisations’ requirements or objectives are the same.  Colt’s Fibre Infrastructure Services portfolio is designed to address the varying needs of…

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Dedicated cloud access

The trend for enterprises across all industries to move into the cloud is gathering pace. Many maturity levels can be identified. Some businesses are still in the evaluation phase, selecting suppliers and running trials; others are already heavily using the…

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Update from Colt

Change is afoot within Colt to ensure we focus better on our customers’ needs and build an organisation for unrivalled customer service. In May 2014, Colt decided to restructure into lines of business, and in November, our acquisition of the Asian…

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Gallina Blanca Star Customer Logo - Colt

Gallina Blanca Star

Colt set up Gallina Blanca Star with a scalable and adaptable central IT environment. Gallina Blanca Star specialises in the production and sale of culinary products to the consumer and food service markets. They wanted technology solutions to help them…

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Eurovision Customer Logo - Colt


New network delivers four times the capacity and saves EUROVISION 20% a year. EUROVISION is the network arm of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and carries more than 45,000 hours of live sports, and over 88,000 hours of programming every…

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