Datacentres 2011

By: Bernard Geoghegan - 07/05/2011

Bernard Geoghegan was appointed EVP Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) in January 2011. He is responsible for driving Colt's focus on selling large scale data centre space to large enterprises and providers through our specialised DCS direct sales team.

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The data centre of the future is all about “choice” of power density, space and tier configurations.

At the Datacentres 2011 event in Nice, where I was involved in a leadership panel on competition and expansion in the data centre industry, we announced a new era in our modularity concept . We are now providing over 120 different standard modular data centre design options, a substantial offering for the marketplace that will provide our customers with increased flexibility and choice. Following the success and growing demand from customers for our Modular Data Centre, we are now making a wider variety of power density and floor space available, from today. This will bring even more flexibility to our customers’ data centre requirements, allowing them to create a facility that meets the needs of their business – today and tomorrow – no matter how large or small the layout.
Customers want more and more innovation in this area. For some time, people have wanted to change the way the data centre corridors are laid out and change the size of the modules themselves to give them a smaller footprint (instead of 500m2). We have also been asked if we could provide 250m2 and to increase the power density. People have requested that we provide for different types of implementations such as for cloud, telecommunications services and small data centre needs close to customer offices or satellite offices.
Consequently, in addition to the current 500m2 data centre halls we deliver, our advanced Modular Data Centre designs are now also available in 125m2, 250m2 and 375m2 versions or any combination of the aforementioned sizes. We have enhanced our power density too.  Beyond the 1500 W and 1625 W standard products that are already on offer today, we are able to increase the power density up to 3000W  per square metre or reduce it to as low as 750W  per square metre, dependent on what the customer wants.
We’re also happy to announce we’re working with the esteemed Uptime Institute to have the common Tier levels (2, 3, 3+ or 4), and all new solutions independently certified.

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