Expanding the ‘Ethernet over the first mile’ (EFM) opportunities

By: Andy Radley - 03/05/2012

Following a variety of Product Management roles at AT&T and Level 3, Andy currently heads up the product management for Bandwidth and Access Services within Colt.

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Earlier this month at Colt we revealed internally that we were now the first to market with 120Mbps* over copper. This is a significant achievement for three reasons, firstly we now have proof-of-concept for the delivery of large amounts of data over copper at speed, secondly we’ve demonstrated how our ‘Ethernet over the first mile’ (EFM) technology can be adapted to a more loosely regulated environment and thirdly we’ve more than doubled the footprint of EFM enabled central offices in Copenhagen.

We chose Denmark as the location for this roll-out due to its unique regulatory approach to bandwidth for both DSL and EFM services. In most countries you’ll find a limit of 5.7Mbps set as a bandwidth limit on copper-based connections. What we’ve been able to do previously is ‘bond’ these connections together to provide greater EFM access, which is how a bandwidth load of 40Mbps is achieved. Denmark however raised the load limit to 15.2Mbps (an allowance that only applies to Actelis EFM equipment that we use at all our Central Office installations) this allowed us to once again use our bonding process to reach the 120Mbps mark.

This is great news for our expansion of services across Europe. The Copenhagen installation allow us to service organisations with bigger and faster data connections and help make the argument for more regulatory freedom within those countries that are still placing quite heavy restrictions on copper bandwidth use.

With services such as IP access, Ethernet and IP VPN all available using EFM, we’re once again leading the pack in network service delivery and access.

* Speeds available will differ based on product offering and distance to the customer site from the nearest Central Office

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