Hybrid Cloud and the Channel

By: Gary Moore - 29/06/2012

Gary Moore is Director of Business Development for cloud connectivity. He is responsible for making it easier for customers to consume their favourite cloud services over Colt’s network, and also for ensuring Colt’s network meets the needs of cloud service providers.

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During the recent VMware Forum event in Manchester, I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute a keynote speech on Hybrid Cloud and more specifically, how it relates to the channel. You can view the presentation that I gave below, but I would like to explore here some of the themes I touch on within it. The first point I made to my audience was that from a market perspective, the demand for Infrastructure-as-a-Service has seen dramatic growth in the last three years with a 50% growth rate. The IaaS market itself has seen demand for Compute grow by 69% and Storage grow by 60%. The IT requirement underpinning this is need for elasticity in on-demand services. Capacity and scalability need the utmost flexibility.

Resellers are beginning to realise this and change the mix of their sales portfolio, focussing more on services. The channel is now realising that cloud is a customer intensive consultative process. The customer wants to be able to “flick a switch” to turn services on and off, but this is often tricky to achieve and needs the help is an engaged and smart reseller. I take a point from Nicholas Carr’s book The Big Switch that “Operating your own IT assets is becoming akin to running your own power station”. Computing capacity is becoming another utility and the decision to run internal personnel and technology will make less and less business sense as time progresses.

The main advantage from the hybrid cloud position is therefore one of saving costs, matched with efficient time for delivery and implementation while not compromising quality. The quality of the service is vital and at Colt it’s what I believe we do best. This approach isn’t about cutting-corners or matching the expectations around publically managed cloud services. It’s about delivering cloud service provision with flexibility, consistency and expert management. Take a look at the video below (or click through it in the presentation) to our case study interview with Michael Meaney of the Smart Gaming Group who’s kindly provided us with an excellent overview of what Colt hybrid cloud did for him. With solutions like this available, it’s time for IT directors and resellers alike to question where they are in the IT provision space, and to consider where is their management time best invested.

At Colt we’re improving the service offering all the time and finding new applications. Our new Disaster Recovery system, powered by vCloud technology, addresses a fundamental business challenge of keeping your stored data, processes and infrastructure safe should the unthinkable happen. Few companies can afford the dedicated, hi-quality standby facilities which their business users think that they ought to have. With vCloud from Colt, hybrid architectures dramatically improve the quality of DR provision available to customers. The possibilities are only just beginning to be realised and we intend to bring more services to the channel in this dynamic area.

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