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By: Colt Technology Services - 06/05/2011

Colt is the information delivery platform, enabling its customers to deliver, share, process and store their vital business information. It is an established leader in delivering integrated network, data centre, voice and IT services to major organisations, midsized businesses and wholesale customers worldwide.

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Welcome to our blog!   We want to connect you to the issues we think are important for businesses making IT decisions and we want to share our views with you. In return, we’d like you to share with us, too.
Sometimes, we will publish content as a corporate voice. At other times, we’ll provide insights and commentary from our people, the domain experts that help our customers achieve their commercial goals. As a business, we provide products and services that impact cloud computing, data centres, managed services, wholesale telecoms and networks. We provide solutions for multi-national enterprise businesses all the way through to SMEs.
Colt is head-quartered in the UK, with a market-leading European network servicing thousands of organisations across the region. As a business, Colt continues to drive innovation and service quality across the continent and beyond. It is our intention that these values and efforts are reflected in the content and conversations authored on this Blog.

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