The technology requirements of media organisations are perhaps more complex and fast-moving than in any other sector, so:

  • you don't just need a network, you need a network that you know will deliver high speed, high quality content
  • you don't just need IT and communications expertise, you need it specific to your industry and to your organisation's individual needs and ambitions, and
  • you don't just need a solution for today and tomorrow, you need a solution that will adapt to - and capitalise on - the next transformation, the next generation of media requirements - and the one after that.

Colt provides mission critical solutions that underpin the business performance of hundreds of media organisations across Europe, from the provision of dedicated broadcast networks, and storage of video content for broadcasters, to the deployment of a complete information delivery platform for advertisers and publishers.

Our media customer base currently includes Eurosport, TF1, Canal+, Berlinale, France 24, Globelynx, Associated Press  Bild and many more. They benefit from:

  • an integrated network supporting all types of video formats and IT protocols
  • combined network-based and IT managed services
  • an end-to-end managed platform to support your digital asset management
  • consultancy expertise through a team of media sector specialists, and
  • reliable customer support

You're busy enough keeping your existing systems operating effectively, without having to think of upgrades, enhancement or replacement. But new technology can accelerate your business performance.

That is where  Colt’s Professional Services can offer time, perspective and the right expertise. Our team of 250 Professional Services experts will ensure that you get the most from the available technology. Our media sector experts will ensure that technology is designed around your business needs and ambitions. These ambitions for your communications and IT solutions may include:

  • industry-leading reliability
  • reduced costs
  • enhanced performance and productivity, and
  • increased adaptability to market forces.

The role of Colt Professional Services falls into four main areas:

  • Consultancy - evaluating existing IT infrastructure and recommending improvements to meet challenges, capitalise on opportunities and deliver greater business benefit.
  • Design - working alongside your team, with full knowledge of your existing systems, to design a solution that is aligned with your needs, whilst being realistic, achievable and without risk.
  • Project Management - delivering the project to the highest standards, on time and to budget, by means of a dedicated, full-time project manager.
  • Service Management - ensuring that your ongoing business benefits are realised through continuous expert service oversight and proactive monitoring.

Colt helps media sector organisations like yours to achieve real business growth  by combining customer service and technology. We do this by taking a holistic view of your business requirements, the challenges you face and the objectives you are looking to achieve. We then work closely with you, through our team of media sector experts, to ensure that your investment in communication platforms and managed IT solutions helps to fulfil your business strategy.

Colt can offer the complete package of market leading network infrastructure, tailored IT solutions, proven consultancy expertise, positive customer experience and trusted service quality to make your investment in technology a catalyst for growth. We do this by providing

  • Fully integrated network and managed IT solutions
  • Low-latency, low jitter connectivity over layer 2 Ethernet infrastructure across Europe
  • Scalable agile infrastructure supporting compute and storage solutions
  • Consultancy expertise through media sector specialists
  • Reliable, multi-tiered customer support
  • Tangible return on your investment in IT and communications

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