Verne Global selects Colt to expand data centre capacity in Iceland to meet demand

28 February 2013 (Press release)

Colt announces that Verne Global has selected Colt’s ftec data centre for an expansion of its 100 percent dual-sourced, renewable energy facility in Keflavik, Iceland. The additional data centre space will enable Verne Global to continue to meet increasing demand for more energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable data centre solutions. Read more.


A third of UK CIOs regard EU regulation as more important than local laws

05 December 2012 (Press release)

A study commissioned by Colt Technology Services shows that UK CIOs are more concerned with EU regulation than their own local laws. According to the study conducted by Forrester Consulting across eight European countries, 34% of UK CIOs regard EU regulation, such as the Data Protection Directive*, as more important than local data protection regulation. Across Europe, 30% of CIOs rated EU regulation as more important than their local country laws. Read more.


Colt first to offer both fibre and microwave ultra low latency services between London and Frankfurt

14 November 2012 (Press release)

Colt Technology Services today announced that it has introduced a microwave service between London and Frankfurt.  The new service will complement Colt’s existing ultra low latency fibre services and makes Colt the first managed services provider to offer both microwave and fibre ultra-low latency services between these two significant trading centres. Trading houses to reduce the time it takes to access the market by up to 40%, and Colt customers only have one service provider to manage. Read more.


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