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Our brand is what Colt represents in the minds of our people, our customers and our prospects. It’s what they think of us, their gut feeling and first thought when they hear our name. That’s why it’s a big deal.

We know that our customers and prospects want a consistent and proactive customer service, as individuals and as a business. So we want to make sure every time someone interacts with Colt they get the same great experience.

This area is to help you make sure that all of the communications you create, look and feel like Colt. Nothing brings a brand to life more than consistency, so please refer to this document to make sure what you are doing is on brand.

If you are an agency or partner and need access to our brand assets, please click here.

If you’re not sure or have any questions, you can always get in touch with us directly, by contacting Laura Perrott, Laura.Perrott@colt.net - Global Director Digital and Brand or Hannah Davies, Hannah.Davies@colt.net - Brand Marketing Executive.

If you would like to download a version of this webpage as a .pdf, please click here.

Colt Brand Team

Our brand

Our vision & purpose

Our vision: To become the most customer-oriented business in our industry.

Our purpose: Colt transforms the way the world works through the power of connectivity.

Our values

Our values reflect our culture and what we care about. They underpin everything we do. 

We are:

  • Customer First - We put the customer at the centre of everything we do
  • Accountable - We are responsible for delivering on our commitments
  • Transformational - We embrace the need to change the way we do things in order to grow
  • Outcome-focused - We focus on the result while encouraging others to get there

Connectivity matters

Our strapline, ‘connectivity matters’, is an integral part of our brand. We enable businesses to thrive and economies to flourish. It’s a promise to our customers and our people; it’s key to our culture, the way we do things and how we work together. Find out more about why connectivity matters by watching our corporate video. 


The Colt logo

Our logo is primarily used with the Colt teal or black on a white background. Alternatively you can also do a white logo on a teal or black background, but don't use a teal logo on a black background.

Please note when our logo is used over an image it should be clearly visible.

04 White on teal
.PNG | .EPS | .JPG

02 Teal on white
.PNG | .EPS | .JPG

03 White on Black
.PNG | .EPS | .JPG

01 Black on white
.PNG | .EPS | .JPG

05 Black over image
.PNG | .EPS | .JPG

06 White over image
.PNG | .EPS | .JPG


Clear space

Please keep the space above, below and adjacent to the logo clear of other graphic elements, images and document edges. This allows the logo to be read clearly without confusion.

The amount of clear space is equal to the size of the ‘o‘ in the logo.

Position, print

When designing for print our logo should be on the top left or right corner of the page. If required the logo can also be placed on the bottom left or right

A4 portrait positioning
A4 landscape positioning

Position, digital

When designing for digital, our logo is placed in the top-left corner.

What not to do

As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t see an example within this brandbook, it’s probably not allowed.

Please don’t…

01 Redraw, retype or source our logo online
02 Rotate or flip the logo
03 Reorder / move the letters
04 Stretch or distort our logo
05 Recolour / use non-brand colours
06 Add additional effects to our logo

Colt IQ Network

When using the Colt IQ Network logo or in text, you must use the full name – you should never refer to it as ‘Colt IQ’ or ‘IQ Net’.

01 Black on white
.PNG | .EPS | .JPG

02 Teal on white
.PNG | .EPS | .JPG

03 White on black
.PNG | .EPS | .JPG

04 White on teal
.PNG | .EPS | .JPG

Use of logo

The Colt IQ Logo has been produced in two variations and is a sub logo. Depending on the space available please consider which logo works best in the space provided.  This should not replace Colt’s current logo and should not sit adjacent to the Colt logo. However it can be placed on the same page.

To maintain the details on the Colt IQ logo please ensure ‘Powered by’ is legible at all times.



Lockups & partner logo sizing

Using the Colt logo with other logos is simple, but there are a few steps to follow, shown on this page.

If you need a new lockup created, please contact the Brand Team.

The partner logo should look the same size as our logo.

A tall thin logo would be shrunk until its height or overall visual footprint is the same as our logo.

Similarly a short, wide logo would be shrunk until its width is the same as our logo.


Our fonts

Gotham is our primary font, we use this for everything. When Gotham is unavailable, i.e email and powerpoint presentation sent to clients and partners, then Arial may be used.

Gotham is available for purchase from Typography.com. It is available for use on the web as part of the cloud typography service from Hoefler&Co.

Alternatively, if you are a part of Colt, you may download the Gotham font file from our Brand Assets page.


Connectivity matters: light

Connectivity matters: book

Connectivity matters: medium

Connectivity matters: bold


Connectivity matters: regular

Connectivity matters: bold

Typography, in use

When using Gotham, stick to the same sizes and style to create a consistent experience for the reader.

Do not add any effects to the text, such as glow or drop shadow.

Headings weight 01
gotham light

Lorem ipsum dolor

Headings weight 01
gotham medium

Lorem ipsum dolor

Headings weight 01
gotham bold

Lorem ipsum dolor

Below are a few font pairings and layouts that follow this advice:

Text pairing 01
light + medium

Gotham light. Colt leads the way in enabling your digital transformation through agile and on demand, high bandwidth solutions.

Gotham medium. Colt leads the way in enabling your digital transformation through agile and on demand, high bandwidth solutions.

Text pairing 01
book + medium

Gotham book. Colt leads the way in enabling your digital transformation through agile and on demand, high bandwidth solutions.

Gotham medium. Colt leads the way in enabling your digital transformation through agile and on demand, high bandwidth solutions.

Text pairing 01
medium + bold

Gotham medium. Colt leads the way in enabling your digital transformation through agile and on demand, high bandwidth solutions.

Gotham bold. Colt leads the way in enabling your digital transformation through agile and on demand, high bandwidth solutions.

Text style

When writing copy, there are a number of style rules that should be adhered to, we’ve detailed and illustrated each of these rules:

Use sentence case for titles and headings

Sentence case only capitalises the first word

Title Case Capitalises Every Letter


Do not place a full stop after headings and bulletpoints

No full stop after a heading

This is not how to do it.

• Or after a bullet point

• This is not how to do it.

–   This is an en dash, please don’t use these

Please use correct bullet points

• They're easy to use and are the 'original' bullet point

— This is an em dash, please don’t use as in some cultures this can be indicative of quotations

-   This is a hyphen, please don’t use these


Primary colours

Our primary brand colours are the Colt teal, white and black. These are the colours to use for the majority of our brand material. These are the only colours that should be used when creating themes, templates, and event collateral unless pre-approved by a member of the brand team.

Colt teal

Pantone 3272
CMYK 94 0 48 0
RGB 0 165 155
HEX 00 A5 9B


Pantone -
CMYK 0 0 0 0
RGB 255 255 255


Pantone Black 6
CMYK 20 20 20 100
RGB 0 0 0
HEX 00 00 00

Support colours

These are our support colours, they can be useful to highlight different types of information. These colours should be used to compliment the primary colours (please see proportion guide below).


Pantone 1375
CMYK 0 50 90 0
RGB 255 140 45


Pantone 192
CMYK 0 100 6 20
RGB 228 0 70
HEX E4 00 46

Infographic colours

These are our infographic colours. These are the only colours to be used for creating infographics. Outside of the Colt teal, these colours should not be used when creating themes, templates, and event collateral.

Colt teal

CMYK 94 0 48 0
RGB 0 165 155
HEX 00 A5 9B

Dark Teal

CMYK 85 30 60 25
RGB 0 105 95
HEX 00 69 5F


CMYK 96 54 5 27
RGB 35 100 145
HEX 23 64 91

Dark Blue

CMYK 100 70 30 20
RGB 0 70 110
HEX 00 46 6E


CMYK 0 100 6 20
RGB 228 0 70
HEX E4 00 46

Dark Red

CMYK 0 100 59 26
RGB 165 0 52
HEX A5 00 34


CMYK 0 50 90 0
RGB 255 140 45

Dark Orange

CMYK 0 75 100 0
RGB 205 85 0
HEX CD 55 00


CMYK 10 10 10 45
RGB 150 150 150
HEX 96 96 96

Dark Grey

CMYK 20 20 20 65
RGB 80 80 80
HEX 50 50 50

Colour proportion

Although individual pieces may vary, notice that the cumulative effect keeps the overall brand balance. Other layouts in PowerPoint presentations and web pages feature white in greater proportions than any other colors. This is fine, as long as they feature the Colt Teal prominently, and use of the other brand colors in the layout does not exceed the proportions illustrated below.


Style guide

As a rule of thumb for our photographs, our style is as follows:

  • Feels natural, not staged
  • Natural lighting
  • If involving people, depict a real life interaction between people and technology
  • Images should not include lens blur or filters
  • Subjects are not looking directly at the camera

Our photography guide can be categorised into three key themes, what we do, where we do it and who we are. Some examples of each of these three are shown below:


What we do

These images should feature examples of what we do e.g. fibre optics, data centres and other services. Images should be of high quality and not feature people unless they are interacting with the systems or tools.

Viewpoint from directly above.
Roof of building.

Where we do it

Real-life imagery of large cities. Daytime scenes have a clear focus on cities or buildings where we would be serving our customers


Who we are

Smartly dressed office professionals, preferably from a tech environment.

Brand property

Below are the key design principles that we work to.


Keep it minimalist - don't use a combination of too much text or too many images at once, use of negative space is encouraged.


No fuss, the simpler it is, the clearer the message


Staying on brand is important, but do it with style. Add some teal details where you can so our primary brand colour comes through


When you can try to use the "rule of thirds". The theory is that if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines that your photo becomes more balanced and will enable a viewer of the image to interact with it more naturally

Rule of threes
Brand Property 2
Brand Property 3
Brand Property 1


We use a curve over images to help with readability and legibility of text, this can also be used with the focus ring.

 Overlay specification

  • Even circular curve
  • Transparency 80% - 95% (depending on the image)
  • Multiply transparency


We have an extensive icon library that has been produced with lots of people across the business, so we should have something to meet your needs.


  • use icons in appropriate places to illustrate content in the adjacent paragraph
  • keep consistent heights for each icon
  • use consistent clear space around the icon

Please don't

  • edit or alter the icons
  • overlap icons with text
  • over-use the icons in one context


Can’t find what you need?

If there is something you need but cannot find, or if you have a new requirement, then please contact the Brand Team. We manage the icon library centrally so we can limit duplication. This way we can make sure everyone is using our icons correctly, repeatedly and consistently. We regularly check with the business to see if there are new icon needs, so if you want to be consulted about icons please drop us a note.


Style 1

We like to use our photography and icons to help get our message across in a clear and direct way.

Style 2

You can use bold colours from our brand palette to have a big impact, the graphic shouldn't be too busy.

Brand asset files

This content is password protected. To view it please follow the link below and enter the password when prompted.

Brand Asset Files

Tone of voice

This content is password protected. To view it please follow the link below and enter the password when prompted.

Brand Asset Files

Website / UX

At Colt, our digital presence, and therefore our brand, encapsulates a wide range of tools and systems, from our corporate website, to Colt Online, to our careers site and many more. Because of this, it is important we maintain a consistent brand identity across all of our web assets. These guidelines aim to help you remain consistent to that identity.

Colt Web Guidelines

Video Guidelines

The Colt video guidelines are to enable our internal and external stakeholders to express our company brand and values in a consistent way. 


Our videos strike the balance between business and people. We avoid stock footage where possible, incorporating Colt staff and adding animated text to highlight key messages and bring the video to life. Bright backgrounds and light colour grading mean our videos come across and warm and friendly. 

How to open a video

At the start of the video our Colt logo should be placed on a plain white, black or teal background as per our Colt brand book guidelines. This should then fade into an optional title screen for the video using our Colt font Gotham, where Gotham is unavailable you may use Arial.

Opening slide

Lower thirds

Lower thirds are used to introduce the speaker in the video. In order to keep the lower thirds in line with the overall branding, use a teal box with white text in the brand font.  

The name of the speaker is stated in the first row. In the second line we suggest stating the job role of the speaker using a smaller size font, please refer to the typography guidelines.  

The position of the lower thirds depends on the way the speaker is facing (right of left). On a wide shot, it should be positioned with some distance from the side and the bottom of the frame. Watch this video for an example. On a tight shot, the lower thirds should be positioned in the corner bordering with the side and the bottom of the frame. Watch this video for an example. 


Our logo is our most important brand element so we are very careful with how we use it. Our logo can be positioned - ranged far left, ranged far right, and at the top or the bottom of the screen. We recommend the ranged left logo is used digitally and remains on-screen throughout video. The logo should only ever be one full colour; white, black or teal. The logo should never be stretched or distorted and must retain an exclusion zone around it. We use the ‘o’ in our logo to help us determine the size of the exclusion zone (see brand book for more details). 


Videos should use real people talking off-camera in colour. This should be done against a real or photograph background or a plain white background. If imagery is required, as per our imagery guidelines, photography and/or icons should be used. Photography must always reflect our Colt brand book where possible; what we do, where we do it, who for/us. Headings can be placed over video as long as they are clear and easy to read in the Colt font Gotham/Arial. 

Stock footage

People videos should include Colt people. Please ask to use our bank of Colt stock video. Talking head videos should also feature stock footage relevant to who we are and where we are based – our offices and environment.


Our icons are one-dimensional representations of concepts. You can use any of the colours from the Colt brand book where appropriate and use any icons from the icon library. 

Motion Graphics

All motion graphic elements should be created in line with the overall branding guidelines, using primarily brand colours and for kinetic typography the Colt brand fonts.


Text should be in Gotham bold for headings and Gotham medium for body copy. If these fonts are not available then Arial can be used. Text should be black on white backgrounds or white on Colt colour backgrounds. For more guidelines please refer to typography in the brand book.

Call-out boxes

If call-out boxes are being used, they should be a single block Colt colour with no gradients, shadows or textures. For customer references a call-out box should show with ‘Customer case study’ in white on a Colt colour background with another call-out box directly underneath with the customer name. 


All motion graphic elements should be created in line with the overall branding guidelines, using primarily brand colours and for kinetic typography the Colt brand fonts.

Subtitle example

Co-branding in videos

When it comes to Co-Branding in videos, the branding elements are usually kept in the same way, as they would be in a regular Colt video. The only difference is that on the opening screen both logos appear at the same time in the centre of the screen, Colt logo left, the other logo next to it on the right.

Co branding example

Concluding a video

We should display our Colt logo or Colt IQ Network logo (where appropriate) on a plain white, black or teal background with www.colt.net underneath in our Colt font Gotham / Arial. 

Closing slide

Email guidelines

This content is password protected. To view it please follow the link below and enter the password when prompted.

Brand Asset Files


Branded merchandise should comply with the guidelines in this brand book. Here are some examples. If you need any artwork approving for a new branded item, please contact hannah.davies@colt.net.


Frequently asked questions

On a white background, you can use a teal logo or a black logo. Since we prioritise Colt teal in our brand, consider using the teal logo first. On a black background you can use a white Colt logo. Click here for more information on backgrounds.

If the application you are using does not allow Gotham font, use Arial instead. Make sure it's Arial and not Arial Black.

You can view the colour palette here.

HEX 00 A5 9B. View the Pantone, CMYK and RGB formats here.

When can I use the support colours?

  • We have a new brand mission
  • We've introduced new secondary colours to the colour palette (use them sparingly!)
  • We’ve made changes to how we describe our visual style – check out the brand property
  • We've expanded our video guidelines
  • There is a new set of website and user experience guidelines
  • Some of our brand assets have been refreshed – the Colt boilerplate is now available in our six languages and the Connected Cities map has been updated
  • More of our corporate photography is available for use
  • We’ve made it clearer how and where you can use our logo and font. Contact us to download a logo pack
  • There is a section on branded merchandise for relevant suppliers
  • We’ve got this new FAQ section, and you can submit any other questions to the Colt Brand team below:

Have a question?

Have a question about something not mentioned in any of our brand guidelines? Send us a question via email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.