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DAN (Disability Accessibility Network) aims to raise awareness of visible and invisible disabilities and health conditions, embrace people’s differences and champion inclusion across Colt.


“Being part of DAN has been a real eye-opener, you think there is only one way to look at things until someone shows you how to look at them through a different lens.”

Mathilde Geay,
Junior Project Manager, HR

Lesa M

"I am a parent to a disabled son, so being in the DAN group means I feel I can offer a unique perspective on removing barriers, raising awareness and helping others overcome challenges."

Lesa Molinari
Global Talent Acquisition & Projects

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Raising awareness

DAN arranges events with both internal and external speakers to discuss a range of issues impacting Colties in the workplace and their day-to-day lives. To promote positive role models, our members have featured in Humans of Colt and The Full Picture podcast to explore what it means to have a disability and how we can change our perceptions.

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Accessibility matters

Accessibility means that regardless of disability or long-term health conditions, all of our employees can contribute, thrive and have a fair chance to develop and progress. To help with this, we’ve created an accessibility toolkit including a selection of tools and recommendations on Microsoft Office 365.

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Creating partnerships

Collaboration within Colt and with external networks, such as the Business Disability Forum and disability charity, Leonard Cheshire, is a key focus for us. We're constantly reviewing and exploring other partnerships that support our aims and help to increase disability confidence.

Our initiatives:


Learning from our partner, Microsoft

We continue to strengthen our inclusion agenda by working with others. One example is our technology partner, Microsoft, where we have taken inspiration from their global inclusion agenda and focus on accessibility. Learning from our partners has helped us to embrace different ways to approach accessibility and disability inclusion.

Busting myths around neurodiversity

Over the past few years, neurodiversity has emerged as an important element to consider in inclusion strategies, but what do we mean when we talk about neurodiversity? And how can we cater to our non-neurotypical colleagues? In this episode, we break down misconceptions around neurodiversity and reshape it as a superpower. Find out more...

Meet the Humans of Colt

Tim Cook

Director – Modern Workplace & Voice Sales Specialists, London Read more...

Susanne Hogan

Offnet Order Manager, Service Delivery, London.

Maxi Lampert

Voice Sales Specialist Associate, London

Charlie Elves

Account Executive, Strategic Alliances, London

Massimiliano Iachini

Lead Engineer, Service Delivery, Italy

Zeeshan Khan

Executive Analyst HR, London

Rachel Collins

Head of Diversity and Inclusion, London

Key Dates

We mark key dates related to disability and accessibility to raise awareness and to give people a space to share their experiences. 

1st March – International Wheelchair Day 

2nd April – Autism Awareness Day

17th May – Global Accessibility Awareness Day 

10th August – World Mental Health Day 

October – Learning Disabilities Awareness Month 

10th October – World Dyslexia Awareness Day 

22nd October – International Stammering Awareness Day 

4th November – National Stress Awareness Day  

3rd December – International Day of People with Disabilities
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