Pride Matters is Colt's LGBTQ+ and Allies network, aiming to make Colt a more inclusive place for all. Formed in 2019, the team has grown globally and has helped drive the message that Colt is inclusive, no matter how you identify.


"Be proud of who you are and don't let anyone tell you it's wrong to be LGBTQ+. Love is love, let's focus on the bigger picture and support each other"

Mikaela Rego,
Business Partner Marketing Executive

Lee Isreal

"Colt has always been a place for everyone. Inclusion and diversity, are within our DNA. I feel privileged to work for an organisation that makes sure everyone’s voice is heard and to contribute to driving change through our Pride Matters network."

Lee Isreal
Senior Service & Contract Manager, Sales & Customer Success, GCN & Strategic Alliances

Pride initiatives


Inclusive family leave

Since launch, the network has helped with policy changes across the business, including the Global Parental Leave policy. By replacing previous traditional maternity and paternity leave with primary and secondary caregiver leave, it recognises same sex parents and families. Find out more here...


Transition at work

Colt has also launched a transition at work policy to support employees who identify as trans to take the time out of work they need, and to support them on their journey as an employee of Colt.


Ally training

Our Pride Matters network collaborates with our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team to produce an engaging e-learning, "Becoming an LGBTQ+ ally" which has been shared with all employees. The e-learning “How to be an LGBQ+ ally" was released two years ago and since then 800 employees have completed it. The group supplements this learning with webinars and events throughout the year.

Caroline Griffin Pain is #9 on the OUTstanding 50 LGBT+ Executives List

"I am thrilled that together with the Colt community we have been recognised in the strides we've taken in making everyone feel as though they can bring their true selves to work"

Find out more...

Caroline Griffin Pain Photo

Meet our Humans of Colt

Lee Israel

Senior Service & Contract Manager, London

Oriol Fort

Order Manager, DACH Region.

Raquel Gabaldà Fernández

Lead Voice Engineer, Barcelona

We're always looking to discuss different topics at our events and gatherings. If you have a suggestion, want to partner with us, or want to speak at one of our events, please get in touch with us at [email protected]