Samrah Akhtar, Business Partner Marketing Executive and Chair of YOUnited Network

“I love working at Colt where voices are heard and we work together to be more diverse and inclusive. At YOUnited we believe we have huge lessons to learn. Huge changes to make. Huge achievements to celebrate. And each of us has a huge responsibility in making sure our communities and world are a safer and fair place for all.”

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YOUnited exists to promote cross cultural understanding and create an environment where anyone can flourish regardless of their race, ethnicity, faith or cultural background at Colt.

We focus on educating and celebrating one another through events and initiatives

We collaborate with and support our colleagues, fellow employees and local communities to make a positive change

We support career development in our community

Ash Surti, EVP Technology & Security

“Human history demonstrates the power of diversity and it plays a huge role in our evolution. As executive sponsor for the YOUnited network and cultural awareness at Colt, I believe as citizens of the world, we are each individually unique and we must not be afraid of our differences rather celebrate, understand and embrace for unity. Embracing diversity at Colt is our opportunity to learn different life experiences, cultures, perspectives for live richer lives”


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Each year, we celebrate key events or celebrations in the calendar that matter to our people. From religious festivals to awareness days and months that celebrate a particular community, such as Lunar New Year, Eid, Black History Month, our passionate team ensure that we highlight the wonderful diversity of our Colties and what’s important to them in a way that promotes inclusion and belonging.

Colt Cultural Cook Up

Eid Al Adha Lunch and Learn

Black History Month UK


Micro-aggressions in the workplace event by BAME to Boardroom 

Celebrating Lunar New Year around the world 


Projects we support

BBBA Talent Accelerator

The Black British Business Awards Talent Accelerator is an innovative approach to promoting the advancement of minority ethnic talent. The Talent Accelerator connects talented colleagues across companies and sectors for a bespoke and high-impact leadership development experience.

As an innovative pilot, Colt carefully selected eight talented individuals across the business to participate in the 12-week programme.

Racial Diversity Project

YOUnited supports the Racial Diversity Project at Colt. This is a business-wide project focused on ​ensuring that all employees, including those who identify as Black or from an Ethnic Minority background, have a fair chance to join, develop and progress at Colt.

"The BBBAwards Talent Accelerator was for me an eye opener. One of the key take-aways from the course was understanding how to manage your career. It was referred to as project managing your career."

Joe Adekoya,
FP&A Manager 

"It was an honour to represent Colt at The BBBAwards Talent Accelerator. Building relationships is absolutely key to success. Working hard and hoping you get noticed is not enough anymore. You must make it happen and take control of your destiny."

Rich Anderson,
National Interconnect Manager

Keri Gilder is #20 on the EMpower Ethnic Minority Top 50 Advocates List 2021

"I’m incredibly proud to have been included in this year’s Empower Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists 2021. It’s inspiring to hear about the important work done across every industry to drive equality in business and break down barriers at work for ethnic minorities."

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Black History Month UK 2020 blogs

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The first time I realised I was black happened in my first year in Belgium, at primary school. One of my classmates used to love touching my hair (I hated it!), and asked me if I would have preferred being born black or white, and the list goes on…Read more...

Remembering Clifford Matthew Anderson

I could list an abundance of famous influential black icons who have inspired me, but I’ve chosen to focus on someone much closer to home. Someone who made great sacrifices so I could live a better life. Read more...

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When I think of Black History Month (BHM), I think about the history of my ancestors. I spoke to both my grandmas to find out more about their journey to the UK back in the ’60s and what made them settle here... Read more...

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