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Tessa Raum is Executive Vice President (EVP) – HR at Colt.

Tessa is responsible for leading Colt’s HR function and implementing the three-year people strategy across the global organisation. Her focus is on fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration at Colt and accelerating growth through the power of its people.

Tessa joined Colt as a Vice President of HR in July 2019.

A passionate and knowledgeable HR professional, Tessa has previously worked at several companies in the technology industry, specifically SaaS, where she built her understanding of agile and software focused cultures.

Prior to joining Colt, Tessa held positions at eMoney Advisor, Beyond (now Nexxt) and Analytical Graphics, Inc.

Tessa reports directly to Colt’s CEO, Keri Gilder.


Tessa Raum

Executive Vice President – HR