CloudBlue enables Colt’s Intelligent Communications

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Colt and CloudBlue are partnering to offer a proposition which combines key desktop applications and unified communications for the future workplace.

With the demands of today’s fast paced technology environment only likely to increase, enterprises must ensure the adoption of a wide range workplace applications is managed in the most effective way. Failure to do so risks hampering collaboration, employee engagement, and ultimately, business success.

Colt Intelligent Communications is a fully integrated solution for enterprise productivity and unified communications applications with enterprise grade voice service and high bandwidth. The solution includes productivity and collaboration applications, voice, connectivity, hardware and support all provided by within a single package.

The partnership with CloudBlue allowed Colt to build a delivery process capable of integrating Microsoft’s Cloud Infrastructure, Colt’s fully owned network with tailored voice services and professional and training services across Colt footprint in Europe.

This proposition is available across 13 countries and leverages the flexibility and capex free model offered by the cloud to provide an end to end solution, allowing businesses to effectively leverage workplace technology now and into the future.


  • Simplified procurement and invoicing process
  • Centralised service help desk
  • Flexible and cost effective on-demand model
  • Reliable end to end managed solution
  • Local support and expertise

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