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We'll help you shape a greener world.

Remove carbon from the atmosphere with Colt’s Customer Reference Programme.

When you share your experience with Colt, you will receive a sustainability reward in the form of carbon removal.

“We are constantly in contact with our partners to make the purchase of our products and solutions as sustainable as possible, both in production but also in IT. With Colt, we work with a company that pursues ambitious ESG goals on its own initiative and implements corresponding measures. This helps us in our sustainability efforts”
Marcus Lapp, Director Global IT Infrastructure, Operations, Esprit Europe


Why take part?

With the Colt Customer Reference Programme you can accelerate your sustainability progress, showcase tech success and boost your reputation.

Colt will do all the hard work. We’ll put your story in writing and turn your business milestones into steps towards a greener future.

The process is simple. Provide us with a customer reference and we'll present you with a quantity of biochar for carbon footprint reduction, accompanied by official certification.



Boost your reputation

With Colt’s Customer Reference Programme, your stories won’t slip away unnoticed. We’ll share your story on our social media, which has over 240,000 followers, and on, a site that gets over 1 million views a year.

This is a great way to showcase your team’s accomplishments and raise your brand’s profile.

Increase your carbon removal

When you participate in our Reference Programme, you can make a positive impact on the planet.

Share your story and you’ll receive a unique reward: we'll invest in biochar - a permanent carbon removal solution - and provide you with a certificate representing the quantity of carbon removed permanently from the atmosphere on your behalf.

Permanent carbon removals are an easy way to identify and measure your contributions towards reducing CO2 levels and improving the planet's well-being.

Offset your carbon impact

By receiving biochar permanent carbon removal certificate, you are mitigating a portion of your carbon impact and propelling your journey towards sustainability goals.

Biochar is a charcoal-like substance made from organic materials like wood chips, crop residues or other plant matter. It is increasingly recognised as a versatile asset that fosters both environmental well-being and agricultural support.

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Did you know?

1 tonne of CO2e emissions is an equivalent of:

  • 51 beef steak meals (each meal with 150g of beef steak) (equivalent of the production of 7.75 kg of beef steak)
  • One-way trip from Paris to New York (for 1 passenger in an economy class, distance: ca. 5,800 km)
  • CO2 emissions that an average person in the European Union emits during less than 2 months.

What's biochar?

Planting trees or using renewable energy can help, but they might not be enough to fully achieve your sustainability targets. To truly get there, businesses need to use efficient, complementary carbon removal techniques.

Biochar provides you with an added avenue. It removes carbon from the atmosphere, while also enhancing soil health and fertility when added to agricultural lands.

Tell your story

Sharing your story is simple. Here is the process:

  • Get started in telling your story


1. Kick-off

Tell your account executive that you’re interested or nominate yourself via this page form and share what kind of story you’d like to create. There are four choices:

  • Provide a short quote along with your company logo.
  • Produce a case study and video as example shown here.
  • Collaborate on a press release.

The number of credits you receive depends on your level of participation.

2. Interview

Share your story in a quick interview with us.

Content creation

We take it from here. Colt will do all the work to design, brand and write the case study for you.

4. Approval

We review the content together, make any edits and get sign-off. Rest assured that nothing will be published until everyone is happy.

5. Launch

Your story goes live on, is shared on social media, and we’ll arrange the logistics of your biochar carbon removal certificate.

Ready to get started? Simply select the story you want to share, and we'll take care of the rest.

Share your story

Customer references


“Digital cinema has already revolutionised our industry. So having a resilient network in place to reliably transfer films to our cinemas is essential. We want to provide our audiences with the best possible viewing experience. In Colt, we have found ourselves a partner who will help us master the constant flood of new challenges we face with technological innovations,”

Mariette Rissenbeek,
Executive Director, Berlin International Film Festival 


“Colt has consistently thought through our requirements to the end and, thanks to its wide-ranging solution portfolio, has added services that offer us more than just a technically harmonised telephony infrastructure. With the contact centre solution fully integrated in Microsoft Teams, we benefit from a central communication platform across almost all of our European locations. We hope to expand to all of them in the near future.”

Marcus Lapp,
Director of IT Infrastructure Operations, ESPRIT Europe GmbH