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Colt Online Asia Guides

Colt Online is the user-friendly online tool for Colt Customers & Partners that will allow you to do easier and faster business with Colt.

However, just to ensure that your experience with Colt Online is as easy as possible, we have created some Usage Guides for your convenience:

Colt Online Quick User Guide .pdf [EN]

Colt Online quick user guide .pdf [JA]

Colt Online customer User Guide .pdf [EN]

Colt Online customer user guide .pdf [JA]

Colt Online invoice user guide .pdf [EN]

Colt Online invoice user guide .pdf [JA]

How to access invoices .pdf [EN]

How to access invoices .pdf [JA]

Colt Online FAQs [EN]

Colt Online FAQs [JA]


If you're experiencing any issues that our guides cannot solve, why not try our FAQ section, or contact our support team.