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While the COVID-19 situation across India remains severe, Colt has been taking steps to increase certain medical and insurance benefits available to employees.

Please find a summary of what support is available below:

All employees are covered under our Medical Insurance

The Medical Insurance policy offers you coverage against COVID-19 hospitalisation and the cost of your treatment, up to your sum insured limit. Please note, any medical expenses incurred by the employee and the enrolled dependants during treatment on an IPD basis shall be settled. Our insurance partners have ensured that claims related to Coronavirus shall be expeditiously handled.

Where can I download or access my medical cards?

Step 1: Click on the Bajaj portal link:

Step 2: Enter your login credential Your employee

Step 3: Enter your password or click on ‘Forgot Password’ to reset

Step 4: Click on E-card and Generate

Additional insurance cover for employees and dependants

Active from: 28 April 2021 – 6 Feb 2022 (15 day waiting period)

To help safeguard you and your family from the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are able to bring you additional insurance cover towards COVID-19 treatment for you and your family (spouse and children). This is fully sponsored by Colt.

We are also evaluating whether we can extend this cover further so it includes the parents of anyone insured under this policy. We will provide an update on this in due course.


Benefits of Corona Kawach

Insurer: Bajaj | TPA: Bajaj | Policy Period: 9.5 months

Sum Insured (SI) INR 500,000 (per individual)
Eligibility Employee + Spouse + Children (Age: Employees and Spouse = 18-60 years, Child = 3 months - 25 years)
Home care treatment Covered for up to 14 days per incident on positive diagnosis of COVID-19 in a government authorised diagnostic centre
Non-medical expenses Cost of pulse oximeter, oxygen cylinder and nebulizer etc. is covered
Waiting period 15 days - this means any claims will be considered starting 13 May, 15 days from the policy launch date
Road ambulance charges Covered up to INR 2,000 per hospitalisation
Hospitalisation Minimum hospitalisation, 24 hours mandatory, subject to positive diagnosis of COVID-19 with 0% co-payment
Pre and post hospitalisation expenses Covered up to 15 days and 30 days respectively
AYUSH treatment Covered without capping
Room rent On actuals for both normal and ICU


Important points to remember

  • We will send your individual policy details to your Colt email address by 10 May 2021
  • For COVID-19 related treatments, please note Corona Kawach will be the first policy to be utilised before utilising Group Mediclaim policy ecards. This keeps your Group Mediclaim sum insured intact for non-pandemic ailments or hospitalisation
  • Under COVID Hospitalisation Cover: PPE kit, gloves, mask and such similar other expenses are covered as per Govt. guidelines
  • No co-payment applicable
  • Non-medical/consumable expenses are covered as per Govt. guidelines
  • All treatment related documents and RT-PCR reports are mandatory to be submitted for claims
  • People who have already opted for Voluntary Corona Kavach plan will have double coverage till the expire of Voluntary plan


Additional support: Home Isolation Cover

Period: 1 April – 12 May 2021

We are also offering further support by helping with “COVID-19 Home Isolation treatment” related expenses. This covers the period up until you are covered by Corona Kawach. This additional cover comes under your Group Mediclaim policy.

The details of what is covered:

Home quarantine treatment covered up to a limit of INR 20,000 per instance for the period starting 1 April - 12 May 2021

Home Isolation treatment means treatment availed by the Insured Person at home, with reference to positive diagnosis of COVID-19 in a Government authorised diagnostic centre, which in normal course would require care and treatment at a hospital but is actually taken at home maximum up to 14 days guided as below:

The medical practitioner advises the Insured person to undergo treatment at home:

  • There is continuous active line of treatment with monitoring of the health status by a medical practitioner for each day through the duration of the home care treatment
  • Daily monitoring chart including records of treatment administered duly signed by the treating doctor is maintained. Maximum limit applicable will be up to 20k per instance

Expenses to cover within the 20k limit per instance home care treatment:

  • Cost incurred for diagnostic tests undergone at home or at diagnostics centre
  • Cost of medicines prescribed in writing by the medical practitioner
  • Consultation charges of the Medical Practitioner
  • Nursing charges related to medical staff
  • Medical procedures limited to parental administration of medicines
  • Cost of pulse oximeter, oxygen cylinder and nebulizer

For any queries, please get in touch with the following contacts:

Level 1 Meenu Mahlawat +91- 8527534374
Level 2 Tarun Pathania +91- 8800891395

For any additional further queries, please reach out to Anupama Yadav ( or Sreeram Reddy ( in case of immediate support.


Have COVID-like symptoms? Get yourself checked by booking an appointment through ‘The Wellness Corner’ app.


Download/login to the Wellness Corner app

Click on the 'Have COVID-like symptoms' banner available on the homepage

Add your address

Add patient details

Schedule your appointment date and time

Click on 'Book now' to confirm your appointment

A sample will be collected at your address as per your appointment

Reports will be provided within 48-72 hours from sample collection

An appointment confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Check your spam/junk folder to avoid missing this email. Appointments are subject to availability.

For any queries, contact the Truworth Support team +91-9875-001-234 or (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 10am-2pm).

What to do if you've tested positive for COVID-19?

Testing for COVID-19 can be done at authorised Government / Private diagnostic centres only

Please refer to the list of authorised hospitals and testing labs list for quick reference

Click here for a list of hospitals approved by our insurance partner

If you test positive, the approved hospitals are able to treat you at no charge on the production of your insurance details

If you undergo treatment at a hospital not on the approved list of a Government hospital, the claim will be reimbursed through mobile app functionality

COVID-19 India help desk

You and your family members can call the help desk number below and the team will try their best to support towards the requirement or resolve queries.
(Please note: the support team cannot guarantee your request will be fulfilled)

Call: 0124 – 4157888 (08:00AM – 11:00PM, seven days a week).

What the help desk can assist you with

Bed availability

Oxygen cylinders

Plasma banks



Doctor support

Home care support

Testing-path labs


Information support

Where can I check bed availability?

What to do if you cannot access a hospital bed/plasma donor/oxygen cylinder/ICU facility

These facilities are currently all in low supply. If you or a family member needs help, please contact any of the names below who will do their best to help you find what you need.

Note: the support team cannot guarantee your request will be fulfilled

Vijendra Sharma
Tarun Pathania
Ekta Gupta
Apeksha Verma
Anupama Yadav

Can I check plasma donor and ambulance availability online?

Please use the following URLs to check:

Pint Network:
Need Plasma:
Ambulance: Get Help Now-

The Wellness Corner mobile app

Ask a doctor

Get in touch with our doctors for free through ‘The Wellness Corner app’ and get the right help, if you or your family is affected by COVID-19 or any other health conditions. Download and register on The Wellness Corner app with your official email address. All details are maintained with the utmost confidentiality. All services will be provided based on the doctor’s discretion.

  1. General Physician
  2. Four Specialists (Cardiologist, Orthopedician, Gynaecologist and Paediatrician
  • Click on ‘Ask a Doctor’ on the homepage of The Wellness Corner app
  • Click on ‘Start now’ to begin a new consultation
  • Choose the speciality of the doctor required
  • Mention your symptoms in the chat box
  • The doctor will be assigned within 10-15 minutes
  • You can request for an audio consultation if required
  • You will receive a call from the doctor

The above process is also in this doctor consultation process document and video.

You can contact the doctors via chat, audio and video only through The Wellness Corner app. Video calls will be provided based on the doctor's discretion.

Your appointment will be confirmed within 10-15 minutes of your request. Most requests are confirmed immediately.

You can contact the doctors from 9am-9pm, Monday-Sunday

Yes, doctor consultations are available for you and your family

All doctors are registered by the Medical Council of India and will provide prescriptions if required.

Pharmacy & Store at your doorstep

Purchase a wide variety of medicines and health products powered by 1MG, available at discounted rates.


Download/login to the Wellness Corner app

Click on the 'Pharmacy & Store' available on the homepage of the app

Choose your product/medicine

Add to cart

Checkout and add your address

Complete payment to confirm your order

Track your order


Please note:

  • To purchase any medicine other than an Over the Counter (OTC) will require a prescription, simply upload a copy of the same and you will be able to proceed
  • COVID medications such as Remdesivir etc. is unavailable due to current supply directed only to hospitals
  • Delivery turn around time will be displayed upon ordering or at the time of ordering, depending on your location
  • Delays can be expected Pan India region due to current COVID scenario
  • Service is subject to available locations only

For any additional support or queries, please feel free to connect with or

Make a claim on your Corona Kawach policy

For a hassle free process - Policy period: 28 April 2021 – 6 Feb 2022

(15 day waiting period: claims covered under Corona Kawach policy starting 13th May 2021 onwards

Important update on Corona Kawach policy

You must have received or will receive your individual Corona Kawach policy by 10 May

The address on your individual Corona Kawach policy will be updated as the “Colt Bangalore address” as the policy is company sponsored and billed to company

A Corona Kawach medical ecard for you and your dependents forms part of your individual policy documents – the coverage is noted as INR 500,000 for every individual policy

March and April new joiners will receive their Corona Kawach policy copy by 15-20 May. In case of medical emergency, the case will be considered accordingly for further support

For any correction or addition to the dependents under the Corona Kawach policy, please refer to the contacts table below

Any home treatment claims for the period starting 1 April - 12 May 2021 should be claimed through the regular Group Medical Insurance policy. Starting 13 May onwards you can claim using your Corona Kawach medical ecard

For any hospitalization requiring Covid-19 treatment from 13 May should first be claimed through the Corona Kawach policy and then the Group Medical Insurance policy can be used

Corona Kawach is an additional Insurance cover – so please note, the medical ecards and policy stand separately

Corona Kawach help you cover multiple expenses like:

Home Care Treatment

Pharmacy Expenses

Hospitalisation Expenses

Ambulance Charges

The claim process is easy, it will be as below depending on whether you choose to go for a:

 Cashless Process : TAT 1 - 2 hours  *subject to receiving of complete documents

1. Network Hospital

2. Share your Corona Kawach ecards to hospital TPA

3. Hospital TPA to contact insurance for further claim process formalities

Reimbursement Process : TAT 7 – 15 working days  *subject to receiving of complete documents

1. Non-Network Hospital

2. Make self-hospital payment

3. Submit your claim through the 'Caringly Yours' app, following the below process

Submit your claim through BAGIC Mobile app- Caringly Yours

Watch this video for instructions on how to claim via the app

Alternatively, you can complete the below claim form

Please complete claim form as per the attached checklist for timely claim processing

Key points when submitting your claim

Do fill in the complete claim form

Do mention “Claimed with Bajaj Allianz GIC” on top of all the documents with a blue pen

Do upload JPEG file and ensure a clear picture

Claim documents shared through mail will not be considered

Bank account number on cheque should be clear

Once claim is submitted, please contact the team ( with your claim ID

In case of any challenge, please contact BAGIC team using the contact table below

Expenses covered under home care treatment

Cost incurred for Diagnostic tests undergone at home or at diagnostics center

Cost of medicines prescribed in writing by the medical practitioner

Consultation charges of the Medical Practitioner

Nursing charges related to medical staff (in case of home treatment)

Medical procedures limited to parenteral administration of medicines

Cost of Pulse oximeter and Nebulizer, subject to doctor prescription

Rent cost Oxygen cylinder or concentrator, subject to doctor prescription


For any queries, please get in touch with BAGIC contact team:

Level 1 Customer Support Team Chiraj Shah
Jafar Ansari
020 - 66877401
Level 2 Relationship Manager Meenu Mahlawat +91- 8527534374
Level 3 Sr. Relationship Manager Tarun Pathania +91- 8800891395

For any additional further queries, please raise it at Ask HR or reach out to Covid Helpdesk team @0124-4157888.

Should you have any concerns, please discuss with your manager or contact the people provided in the guidance above.