Cloud Prioritisation

Cloud Prioritisation

Cloud Access via public Internet

More and more enterprises are looking at public Internet as their primary connectivity to the cloud. It offers high bandwidths at attractive prices and is easy to integrate into existing telecommunications infrastructure, including modern SD WAN.

But public Internet traffic can be subject to network contention and unpredictable routing which can affect cloud services’ user experience. This is particularly critical for productivity and enterprise communication SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365. Colt Cloud Prioritisation is changing this.

Colt Cloud Prioritisation

Colt Cloud Prioritisation combines the benefits of optimised routing and a direct peering infrastructure with traffic prioritisation between customer router and provider edge router.

Customers can reach Office 365 and Azure with a consistent and reliable user experience, backed by a guaranteed maximum Round Trip Delay (RTD) of 30ms. It is one of the first services of its kind to launch at scale in Europe and works best in conjunction with the new Microsoft Azure Peering Service.

Cloud Prioritisation customers can also decide how much of their Internet bandwidth is dynamically reserved for Microsoft. This will work for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

Colt has a unique direct interconnection infrastructure with Microsoft in 20 cities across Europe and Asia. This dense network of interconnections will make sure that the traffic gets to its destination quickly and without unnecessary intermediate stations.

Cloud Prioritisation is a feature of Colt IP Access and can be ordered by all new and existing customers. Internet access is today a vital function for businesses of all sizes, supporting a range of business critical web-based applications. Colt’s IP Access Services Portfolio delivers premium business class Internet access that provides enterprises with the reliable, high performance service they need.

The perfect Internet access for all business critical usages such as cloud services or video conferencing:

“Fast, reliable transfer to and from the Office 365 file store via our Colt IP Access service makes a big difference” Richard AndrewsIT Manager, AMR International For

Key Benefits

  • High performance

    High performance connectivity to the public Microsoft cloud

  • Traffic prioritised

    Microsoft traffic can be prioritised over standard Internet traffic

  • Guaranteed maximum network delay

    Maximum network delay of 30ms to the next Microsoft Peering Point, guaranteed in the SLA

  • Guaranteed access bandwidth

    Guaranteed access bandwidth and speeds up to 100gbps

Our Network

  • 187,586 km of LDN, metro fibre and subsea & terrestrial leased capacity
  • 32 countries across 4 continents
  • 212 connected cities
  • Metropolitan area networks in 52 cities
  • 29,000+ buildings and 900+ Data Centres directly connected

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