Colt ISDN Services

Colt ISDN Services

ISDN to SIP ready

For more than 20 years we have offered high-quality voice services to business customers throughout Europe and Japan. Our ISDN services are now delivered over IP networks which means easy transition from ISDN to Colt’s SIP Trunking:

  • Colt Voice Line delivers direct ISDN to your TDM-based PBX with enhanced geographic coverage via Next Generation IP technology, utilising SIP trunking to deliver over a variety of IP based access.
  • Colt SIP Trunking is offered through a variety of access options to your IP-PBX and optimizes your telephony in a single, IP-based network.

In Japan we offer a dedicated ISDN service over Colt’s IP network. In Europe we support all of your connectivity requirements from standalone connections to voice-data converged over Colt’s Internet access or private IP networks.

Thanks to our number porting agreements with all major operators you can keep your existing numbers when migrating to Colt. To match your organizational requirements, we can distribute your calls across multiple Primary Rate Interfaces (PRI) at a single site and even across multiple sites with dual PoP resilience.

Coverage and scalability

Whether you are a single site or multi-site business, Colt can support your telecoms requirements across Europe and Japan. Our suite of direct and indirect voice services means you can have a single provider for all your voice needs.

High network availability

Colt is a licensed Voice provider in 13 countries. We operate our own network, assuring a congestion and compression free service backed by our leading service level agreements and service credits.

Business continuity and resiliency

To ensure your business continues to operate should the unexpected happen, Colt’s voice resiliency services can be tailored to your requirements.

In the event of a customer related incident, our Disaster Recovery service will re-direct all your traffic to an destination of your choice. In the event of an unexpected network failure, having a resilient network design will ensure your traffic is automatically re-routed over an alternative network path, enabling your business to continue to make and receive calls.

Alternatively, Colt allows you to automatically redirect your voice traffic to an alternate DDI of an operator console in the event of an IP network failure with the Voice Dual Homing option, we implement separate trunks across two geographically diverse nodes, enabling loadshare or active/standby configuration with automatic failover. Our pre-sales consultant team can help with your network design and disaster recovery plan(s) to suite your business needs.

Control your costs

As standard with all of Colt’s voice services, customers are provided access to data that enables you to analyse your calls and telecoms spend in different ways, thus managing and controlling your costs. Reports can be generated to show usage by hour, day, week, by originating number and called number. Data can be organized in different ways to show e.g. highest costs, longest duration calls and much more.

Colt can implement the Call Barring option to disable calls to specific destinations. Although Colt has no control of or responsibility for protecting its customers against fraudulent activity, Colt traces abnormality or deviation in your usage pattern and takes the appropriate actions, such as blocking calls. Where suspected fraud is detected, we endeavor to contact you as soon as possible.

Competitive tariff plans and billing options

Colt offers a range of competitive tariff options. Customers can opt for usage based tariffing, where all calls are charged per second. Alternatively European customers can opt for flat fee tariff options.

For our multi-national customers we offer the ability to sign a single framework contract to supply voice services in all countries.

Post-sales support

Colt’s multi-lingual customer service centre based in Europe is available 24×7 to manage and support customers with any technical issues they might have with the service.

Evolution to Voice over IP

Our professional services team will assess, design and implement the most appropriate voice/VoIP solution to meet your requirements.

Why Colt

  • We commit to being a partner not just a service provider
  • We have more than 20 years experience of successfully implemented traditional voice, VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) projects across Europe and Japan
  • We are offering consistently high quality, high availability service backed by leading service level agreement and service credits
  • Europe-based customer service provides 24x7 multi-lingual support and trouble ticketing
  • We can offer end-to-end accountability for the performance across 13 countries and Japan, with seamless integration with other services. Please note some features vary upon country availability
  • We meet all regulatory requirements such as emergency calls in all 13 Colt and Japan
  • Colt offers you a full range of services, from voice and data to integrated unified communications, capable of supporting our customers’ evolving communication strategies

Key Benefits

  • With our full range of voice services we can support all your ISDN and VoIP telephony requirements

  • We offer the same service portfolio in 13 countries across Europe and Japan

  • You can use our sophisticated reporting capability to manage and control your telecoms spend

  • Our professional services team will help you transition to Voice over IP when you are ready to do so

  • Our multi-lingual customer service centre – based in Europe – offers you 24/7 service support

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