Colt Ethernet Services


Does your business have a growing need to share increasing amounts of data between sites?

Colt’s award-winning Ethernet family of services is the answer for many businesses, whether SMEs, major enterprises, carriers, operators, or others requiring a business-class connectivity solution. Our business-grade Ethernet services are fast to deploy, cost effective and easy to manage. We guarantee performance and bandwidth so all your sites can work together and exchange information effectively and securely. We’re flexible too, so your business can become more responsive to new challenges and opportunities. Extra bandwidth is available easily and it’s easy to add more sites locally, nationally or internationally.

Ethernet with a difference

With Ethernet from Colt, there’s a difference. You benefit from the most extensive Ethernet coverage in Europe – and the most comprehensive range of services and support. Colt’s track record is second to none. Leading Fortune 100 banks trust us with their Ethernet and you’ll be sharing in the same proven technology and best-in-class services.

Meeting your needs

With Colt, you can be sure there’s an Ethernet service that fits the needs of your business. We offer point-to-point, hub-and-spoke, and any-to-any Ethernet connections at speeds from 10Mbps to 100Gbps. Our consultants can help you with design, project management and installation. We offer managed options and outstanding support.

Our services have a deterministic performance profile, which means you can rely on them to support even the most demanding business applications.

Savings from day one

The simplicity of Ethernet means you can expect to reduce your total cost of ownership. Equipment is less expensive and you only pay for the bandwidth you need. By avoiding complexity you can ease the burden on your IT team. Ethernet technology is simpler and easier to manage and many configuration changes can be made without the need for site visits.

Choose the service that’s right for you

Colt has a broad portfolio of Ethernet services with transparent layer 2 connectivity delivered on industry- standard Ethernet interfaces.

Our services allow you to connect your sites securely, cost-effectively and effortlessly, across metro, national and international locations

Ethernet Line: Point to Point

This plug-and-play service gives you a simple, point- to-point connection between two sites. It offers higher network speeds and a wide choice of bandwidths, which can be upgraded easily.

Ethernet Hub & Spoke: Point to Multipoint

This service aggregates traffic from multiple sites onto a single Hub interface at a central location. The service is a cost effective and manageable way of connecting a larger number of sites to a head office, data centre or carrier PoP.

Ethernet VPN: Any to Any

Colt Ethernet Virtual Private Network (VPN) is ideal for connecting business sites that need to communicate regularly and transparently with each other. Each location is simply connected to a Colt Ethernet VPN which provides any-any connectivity between all sites on the VPN.

Private Ethernet

Private Ethernet is delivered over fibre and equipment that is dedicated to a single customer – which provides maximum performance and security. Customers can also choose the fibre paths that their Private Ethernet service is routed across, giving maximum flexibility.

Enhance your service Colt can also provide:
  • Proactive fault notification: Service tickets are raised automatically and we contact you by email and SMS
  • Performance Monitoring: You can see reports on your service via a personal web portal
  • Equipment options: Colt offers a range of managed or unmanaged switches and routers to complement your Ethernet service
Business continuity assured

Services provided over Colt’s fibre network are core protected. You can expect zero packet loss, consistent low latency and jitter-free connectivity. Our Diversity option can provide diverse NTE, fibre path and POP and up to 99.999% availability.

Self-service tools

Colt is easy to do business with. Colt Online provides you with a web based, self-service tool that lets you:

  • Check the pricing and availability of other services
  • Order new services
  • View orders and bills
  • View your service inventory
  • View fault trouble tickets
Comprehensive SLAs

Colt’s Service Level Agreements cover all aspects of your Ethernet service. Targets for service delivery, availability, time-to-repair and network performance are all backed by guarantees

Benefits at a glance

  • Get the greatest choice:

    Select best in-class Ethernet services from a partner with the most extensive Ethernet coverage in Europe

  • Connect your sites:

    Ensure all your locations can exchange data easily, securely and reliably with bandwidth and performance guaranteed

  • Adopt a more cost-effective and flexible approach:

    Use Ethernet and only pay for the bandwidth you need

  • Reduce complexity and cost:

    Build on your existing Ethernet technology and pay less for bandwidth

  • Enjoy greater flexibility and performance:

    Add bandwidth and add extra sites easily

  • Simplify management:

    Rely on one partner and a single Service Level Agreement with proactive management, performance monitoring and other self-service tools

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