Are there new revenue opportunities for VARs at VMworld?

The slogan for this year’s VMworld in Barcelona certainly made me sit up and take notice: “Defy Convention”.

It is a bold call-to-action and one that immediately begs the question, “What is the ‘convention’ to which they are referring?”

Taking a look through a long list of rather technical sessions on the website, one popular theme emerges: Business Continuity.

The convention here is that many organisations think it is still feasible to operate without any form of business continuity plans in place.

Colt’s own private research shows that almost 75% of small and medium-sized companies had no plans in place to carry out disaster recovery. Just a quarter were confident that they could get their data back if the worst happened and half did not even back-up most of their data on a regular basis. Many believe that data back-up, replication and recovery services cost too much money to bother with. How critical is a DR/ business critical recovery plan? According to recent research from the Business Continuity Institute published in our own whitepaper,  in the wake of a disaster almost a quarter of businesses are forced to shutter the shop doors!

As a result, organisations have postponed back-up, replication and recovery plans because they were optional extras in the cloud. Now that so many businesses are absolutely dependent on their IT infrastructure and applications, operating without a decent Business Continuity plan is an unsatisfactory risk.

‘But what does this have to do with my Value Added Resellers (VARs),’ I hear you asking?

All the above means there is a really clearly-defined and substantial market out there waiting for a new kind of Business Continuity service for the cloud. With the launch of a new backup service for the Colt VMware vCloud®, we believe we have opened up a major sales opportunity for VARs. We have manufactured an UNMANAGED service for you to underpin your own solutions, to manage directly on behalf of your customers, or simply offer a “sell-through” option to self-managing customers. We have designed the service to put all of the key controls in the hands of VARs directly, so Colt is not directly engaged in any way directly with the VAR customer.

Importantly, if you are a VAR, this new service comes with flexible service options for your customers so they can now choose exactly what data they want to protect and back-up as well as the level of resilience they require.  Managed via an online portal for speed and ease, a VAR can now create and operate a managed cloud back-up service or pass self-management rights directly on to your customers. The service is available on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis with no upfront costs, making it an even easier sell. All of this is of course run in an “Infrastructure as a Service” environment – no capital investment for the VAR, all hosted and operated from Tier 3 environments.

Alongside this new replication service, which gives you the rights to administer the location of your workload in the event of a disaster, Colt’s back-up service also means VAR customers can receive cloud-to-cloud resilience.

Whether or not you are attending VMworld this month, we would encourage you to “Defy Convention” too and look to cloud back-up and replication as new revenue streams.

Please feel free to have a look at Colt’s new whitepaper:  Back-up and recovery: Why you should anticipate the unexpected or read our recent announcement detailing this new service for Colt VARs

Members of the Colt will also be appearing at VMworld on October 15-17 please visit us at Booth S223. For more on where we’ll be during the event follow @Colt_Technology on Twitter. 

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