Andreas Kederer

Andreas Kederer is Director of Managed Services for Colt Communication Services.

Notfallmanagement aus der Cloud: Neue Optionen für Mittelständler

01 Nov 2013

Eine Studie des BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheits- und Informationstechnik) zeigt deutlich: In punkto Notfallmanagement besteht bei mittelständischen Unternehmen ein dringender Handlungsbedarf. Weniger als 50 Prozent der Unternehmen verfügen über ein ausreichendes Notfallmanagement. Nach Einschätzung des BSI ist dieser Zustand jedoch nicht…

Drei überzeugende Argumente für das Cloud Computing

29 Oct 2013

Sicherheitsbedenken, Kontrollverlust oder die Angst vor der Bindung an einen Anbieter: die Bedenken gegen die Cloud sind vielfältig. In vielen Gesprächen fiel uns jedoch auf, dass die Vorbehalte häufiger aus den Fachabteilungen als von den IT-Experten kommen. Heute möchte ich mich…

Confused by colocation?

15 Oct 2013

As SMEs are increasingly encouraged to move their servers offsite, one of the most used, yet misunderstood terms, is colocation. Colocation is in fact a really easy way for SMEs to receive the full benefits of a data centre without…

Fachtermini kurz erklärt: Colocation

08 Oct 2013

Auch für mittelständische Unternehmen gewinnt das Auslagern von Servern zunehmend an Attraktivität. Ein Begriff, der in diesem Zusammenhang häufig auftaucht, aber oft auch missverstanden wird, ist „Colocation“. Colocation, zu deutsch etwa „gemeinsame Unterbringung“, ist eine einfache und schnelle Möglichkeit, die…

Meet George

01 Oct 2013

With Colt Ceano you gain access to a suite of ICT services. Discover how easy these are to use and see how simple your remote working, communication and collaboration could be. In order to demonstrate this, we’d like to introduce…

Five key questions about service

01 Oct 2013

Service used to be something you expected in a café or shop. Now the technology industry has taken ‘service’ to heart, using the term to wrap-up a new approach to how they deliver their products and expertise. But what about…

Your web traffic – how to get started with Big Data

28 Sep 2013

Six months ago Neelie Kroes, the commissioner responsible for the Digital Agenda in Europe, declared that Europe had entered the ‘era of Big Data’. There was a great deal of hype around Big Data, with some declaring it to be…

Are you thinking the right way about using mobile and cloud?

26 Sep 2013

According to a recent article, the integration of cloud-based IT and mobile, could allow SMEs to expand their global reach. The danger is that a business might rush into spending money on an IT approach that doesn’t do the job…

Colt Internet of Things

Find your files faster!

17 Sep 2013

The amount of data held by businesses keeps growing and growing. With companies having stored years’ worth of computer-based data, SMEs are looking at more dynamic ways to store information. The Cloud is the place to start, taking away the…

Security concerns about moving to cloud services? Look at your SLAs

12 Sep 2013

According to analysts Gartner, many SMEs are still put off Cloud because of security concerns. It is true that businesses want to reduce risk where possible and many such risks are dealt with. So what do companies like ours do…

Colt cloud

Collaboration tools – 5 questions you should ask

09 Sep 2013

Teamwork is a vital part of any business. Making sure all employees can quickly and easily work together on projects is crucial for keeping your business moving. Given that there is now a growing focus on remote working and mobile…

3 ways compliance is costing your business

02 Sep 2013

In July 2013, the Department of Business Innovation and Skills in the UK launched the Security Breaches Survey which revealed that 87% of SMEs had a data breach in the last year. These results are a clear message that smaller…