Andreas Kederer

Andreas Kederer is Director of Managed Services for Colt Communication Services.

Is your server management a nightmare?

19 Aug 2013

The increased complexity of IT solutions over the last twenty years has seen server management become a headache many businesses could do without. Trying to manage a large box filled with applications and data, that is supposed to make your…

Cloud forecast: how to prevent a storm

19 Aug 2013

The cloud offers the promise of flexibility and simplicity. But for companies considering a move to the cloud, evaluating and comparing options can be ‘cloudy’ and time consuming as there is no industry framework for comparing services and measuring quality.

VDI enables smarter desktops for SMEs

14 Aug 2013

According to recent research, small businesses who “fail to embrace the latest technology” could collectively lose out on billions in missed sales opportunities, and development prospects. With the popularity of BYOD (bring your own device) growing amongst employees and those…

Intelligente Arbeitsumgebungen auch für Mittelständler: VDI macht’s möglich

13 Aug 2013

IT hatte noch nie so große Auswirkungen auf den Unternehmenserfolg wie heute. Die Verschmelzung von Business IT und Consumer IT, die Entwicklung der mobilen Technologien und nicht zuletzt ein langsamer Wertewandel sorgen dafür, dass immer mehr Menschen mit ihren persönlichen…

Disaster Recovery as a Service - DRaaS

Commuting – time well spent?

05 Aug 2013

Commuting is without doubt a stressful activity. Whether it’s getting up early to leave, returning home late, worrying about missing your train, traffic jams or changing a puncture, the daily travel to and from work takes its toll. So what…

Start saving time (and money!)

22 Jul 2013

Time. There never seems to be enough of it. One minute you’re thinking about avoiding homework, the next you are in a job. It disappears quickly and there’s no getting it back. This is something most small and medium-sized businesses…

Meetings for success

18 Jul 2013

A recent article reflecting on the pros and cons of virtual meetings showed that 6 months after Procter & Gamble first started using telepresence video conferencing,  the company had eliminated 6000 flights. At Colt, we can believe it. Travelling is…

Kostenfallen vermeiden mit One-Stop-Shops

17 Jul 2013

Jeder kennt mindestens eine Horrorgeschichte von unerwartet horrenden IT- oder Telekommunikationsrechnungen. Kuriosestes Beispiel war vor kurzem der kanadische Astronaut Chris Hadfield. Dessen Telefonanbieter präsentierte ihm nach seiner Rückkehr von einem 5-monatigen Weltraumtrip auf der ISS eine Rechnung über stolze 1,37…

Protecting your data

Use the Cloud and worry less

17 Jul 2013

Given that many businesses see the prospect of migrating data and applications to the Cloud as a bit of a headache (as we illustrated with our infographic), it is interesting to note that more and more SMEs are reporting the…

VoIP – driving the home working network

15 Jul 2013

A friend of mine works for an IT software training company. They don’t have an office. Each member of the 10-strong team works from home and communicates via email and Skype.  With some black humour he refers to it as…

How to avoid “bill shock”

12 Jul 2013

Businesses have always looked for the best ways to cut costs and keep operations running smoothly. ICT is of course no exception. Almost everything has a running cost associated with it: from training, to maintenance, to licence renewal. As workers…

Virtuelle Meetings für realen (Spar-)Erfolg

11 Jul 2013

Videokonferenzsysteme bieten enormes Sparpotenzial. Wie viel,  zeigt der Fall Procter & Gamble. Innerhalb von nur sechs  Monaten nach der Einführung virtueller Konferenzsysteme konnte das Unternehmen ganze 6000 Flüge einsparen, wie in zu lesen  war. Und das ist beileibe keine…