Colt Technology Services

Colt is the information delivery platform, enabling its customers to deliver, share, process and store their vital business information. It is an established leader in delivering integrated network, data centre, voice and IT services to major organisations, midsized businesses and wholesale customers worldwide.

What does the Tech Deficit mean for businesses?

27 Jan 2015

The economy is becoming ever-more digital, transforming the environment in which businesses operate. But whilst customer demand is increasing in line with this newer, more connected world, 72% of European businesses don’t currently have the infrastructure foundations needed to meet…

KVH is now part of the Colt Group

19 Jan 2015

Colt’s acquisition of KVH is part of its global expansion plans for the Information Delivery Platform. It enables a broader geographic reach, increased presence in growth markets and improved customer offer.

Simplifying the Tech Deficit

13 Jan 2015

Our Tech Deficit research found that 72% of European organisations face a tech deficit – a gap that has developed between business objectives and what IT infrastructure can support. Failing to address the tech deficit will have severe consequences for…

The Real Time Workforce

07 Jan 2015

As the way people work has changed for good, there is a need for businesses to rethink their technology strategies. Ten years ago, everyone was given a standard issue desktop, refreshed every few years and maintained by a team of…

Are you equipped for the digital age?

19 Dec 2014

The digital economy is affecting organisations across all industries, creating a need for companies to rethink how they serve customers. But what does this mean for your business? Are you equipped to evolve and make the necessary changes in the…

Addressing the Tech Deficit

17 Dec 2014

The digital economy is transforming the landscape in which businesses operate. Research indicates that 72% of European businesses are currently facing a tech deficit, whilst 20% have no strategy in place to address it. Increasingly, customer demand is pushing businesses…

Bridging the Experience Gap

05 Dec 2014

It is the role of the modern CIO and IT department to provide intuitive, highly-available and user-friendly experiences to both groups. Failure to do so will have significant business consequences including, but by no means limited to, productivity, profitability and…

BBC highlights the role of our network in powering global trade

13 Oct 2014

As part of the documentary series “Traders: Millions by the Minute”, the BBC interviewed Colt’s Andy Young on the role of networks in trading, and how Colt powers the City of London and connects it to other financial centres. Here…

Colt Charity Bikeride

19 Aug 2014

Bereits 2012 und 2013 hat Colt Benefizradtouren für gemeinnützige Zwecke durchgeführt. Aufbauend auf dem Erfolg der letzten Jahre, in denen die Radtouren von London nach Paris und von Paris nach Amsterdam führten, haben wir uns mit der diesjährigen Charity-Radtour das…

…mit über 40 nochmal in die Kita ?

06 Aug 2014

„Ja – aber gerne doch!“, dachte ich mir, als ich von dem Projekt erfuhr. Vor allem, wenn man in einem so tollen Team wie den Colt-Kollegen ein klasse Projekt verwirklichen kann.

Engagement für die Caritas

15 Jul 2014

Colt engagiert sich seit mehr als einem Jahr für die Caritas – derzeit steht im Mittelpunkt des Engagements die Caritas-Kindertagesstätte St. Hildegard in Frankfurt-Fechenheim, wo Colt-Mitarbeiter bei der Gestaltung ihres Außenbereichs mit anpacken. Daneben beteiligen sich Frankfurter Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens…

Colt beim VMware vForum

27 May 2014

Am 3. Juni präsentieren wir Ihnen auf dem VMware vForum in Darmstadt die eigens für die VMware vCloud Platform von Colt entwickelten Services und ihre Vorteile.Colt ist ausgewählter Service Provider von VMware für die Entwicklung von vCloud Services und verfügt…