Frédéric Panya Lestonnat

Frédéric is currently Director of Marketing Solutions for Colt Technology Services.

Der Umstieg auf die Cloud – Herausforderungen für den Mittelstand

29 Mar 2012

Hier möchte ich Ihnen die potenziellen Vorteile von Cloud Computing für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen (KMUs) erläutern. Die Möglichkeit über das Internet anstatt von einem einzigen Rechner oder privatem Netzwerk aus auf Anwendungen und Daten zuzugreifen, wurden umfangreich dokumentiert. IDC…

The challenges of cloud adoption for SMBs

08 Mar 2012

The potential benefits to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) of cloud computing, whereby applications or data are accessible on the Internet instead of on a single computer or private network, have been well documented. IDC expects SMB spending on…

Für KMUs ist Timing der Schlüssel zum Erfolg

03 Jan 2012

Da sind wir wieder! In meinem letzten Blog-Beitrag habe ich darüber gesprochen, auf welche Weise KMUs die Möglichkeiten der IT auf sämtlichen Ebenen und in allen Bereichen des Unternehmens ausschöpfen können, um ein nachhaltiges Wachstum zu fördern. Wir sind davon…

Intelligenteres Wachstum: KMUs auf dem Weg zum Erfolg

19 Dec 2011

Zwischen 2002 und 2008 galten KMUs als wichtigster Träger des geschäftlichen Wachstums in Europa. Seit dem wirtschaftlichen Abschwung im Jahr 2008 wurde dieser Trend jedoch in Mitleidenschaft gezogen.

Collaborate for Success

09 Dec 2011

According to a recent study by the SMB Group small businesses that work together are more likely to succeed, in fact collaboration could make a real difference to your whole business performance. The study states that small businesses that reward…

How secure is your website?

01 Nov 2011

For many SMEs your website is one of your most valuable assets. In many cases it will be the first point of contact for many people wishing to interact with your organisation, a touchstone for people wanting to find out…

Expanding Smart Office functionality for SMEs

06 Oct 2011

With many small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) still reeling from the continued effects of global economic uncertainty, access to cutting edge technologies that help them to perform more efficiently, at an optimal level, has never been more important. That’s…

The most common pitfalls for SMEs and IT

13 Sep 2011

In the past few months on this blog I’ve been talking a lot about the opportunity for SME growth and the technology services that they can employ to manage that growth correctly and protect the business they have. It’s encouraging…

Timing is everything for SMEs

03 Aug 2011

Welcome back! In my last blog post I discussed how SMEs could leverage IT at all levels and in all sectors of the organisation to help facilitate and sustain growth. We’re convinced now is the right time for SMEs to…

Leveraging IT for SME success

22 Jul 2011

Small and medium enterprises know they can use more intelligent IT for business growth, however it’s important to consider every area of your business.

Smarter Growth: Making it happen for SMEs

04 Jul 2011

Between 2002 and 2008 SMEs had been seen as Europe’s biggest area of business growth, but since the economic down turn in 2008 that growth has been curtailed.