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282 Arbeitstage, dann spüren deutsche Unternehmen das Technologiedefizit

18 Jul 2014

Der Sommer 2015 verspricht für zahlreiche deutsche Unternehmen schwierig zu werden. In vier von fünf Unternehmen gibt es ein Technologiedefizit, das beweist die kürzlich veröffentlichte „Tech Deficit“-Studie von Colt. Konkret bedeutet dies: Zwischen den geschäftlichen Anforderungen und den Möglichkeiten, die…

Securing your SIP – it’s easier than you think

16 Jul 2014

Security is always a hot topic when it comes to a company’s infrastructure and systems, particularly when customer data is concerned. With the rise of internet-based services, we are seeing an upsurge in the number of businesses in the UK,…

Disaster Recovery as a Service - DRaaS

Cloud-based business continuity for SMEs

15 Jul 2014

Protecting your company’s critical applications and data, and ensuring it can recover from unforeseen events, is more important than ever in the digital economy. The Business Continuity Institute estimates that in the wake of a disaster, almost a quarter of…

Engagement für die Caritas

15 Jul 2014

Colt engagiert sich seit mehr als einem Jahr für die Caritas – derzeit steht im Mittelpunkt des Engagements die Caritas-Kindertagesstätte St. Hildegard in Frankfurt-Fechenheim, wo Colt-Mitarbeiter bei der Gestaltung ihres Außenbereichs mit anpacken. Daneben beteiligen sich Frankfurter Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens…

The Tech Deficit: Enterprises need to transform their IT

15 Jul 2014

Colt’s Tech Deficit report points to an urgent need for an IT transformation in order for enterprise organisations across Europe to cope with challenges and exploit opportunities in the rapidly changing digital economy.

The Tech Deficit: Europe wakes up to a new problem

11 Jul 2014

You know a problem is real when it effects businesses of all sizes, in all locations and requires a similar response from everyone. The new digital economy has uncovered a ‘tech deficit’ which fits neatly into these categories. The compelling…

Protecting your data

How to protect your business

11 Jul 2014

Hardly a week goes by without news of another business facing the threat of a DDoS attack. Distributed denial of service attacks, or DDoS as it is more commonly known, occur when hackers flood a network or server with requests…

The Millennial Bug

10 Jul 2014

Since the first wave of Millennials entered the workplace, the question of how businesses should adapt to their needs has been raised repeatedly. Their approach to work is markedly different from their peers; they are reliant on the internet; they…

The Tech Deficit can open doors for the best prepared channel partners

08 Jul 2014

Technology is moving forward, demands are changing and businesses across Europe need to adapt to keep pace. But what if their infrastructure prevents them from adapting? A problem emerges.

Cloud computing: The winners and losers in telecoms

03 Jul 2014

The telecom industry has been looking into ways to capitalise on the opportunities offered by cloud computing ever since the hype around the concept emerged in the mid 2000s.Traditional telecom providers have approached the cloud opportunity from two angles. On…

Research highlights major implications for data centre services across Europe

01 Jul 2014

Our latest research highlights a worrying new problem for organisations across Europe- a gap between business needs and the technology to support them. This is the ‘tech deficit’ and the implications for data centre users are weighing heavily on the…

Protecting your data

Stop wasting money on unused IT software

26 Jun 2014

A recent survey by Sage found that European businesses are wasting €9.6bn on software that currently isn’t being used across the business. Reasons cited included software duplication, lack of user training and under-utilisation of all the features. It’s easy for…


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