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Colt’s “intrapreneurship” journey

25 Oct 2012

Last Tuesday night, the Colt Innovation & Prototyping team, which I lead, attended the Market Gravity and Wired UK Corporate Entrepreneur Awards. The awards recognize and celebrate the achievements of teams who are working hard within large companies to deliver…

The CIO of 2015

19 Oct 2012

In the last few weeks I’ve met a number of CIOs at various industry events including the CIO Connect Annual Conference. The main recurring theme was “Where is the CIO role going?” driven by three major trends. First is the…

Let’s think twice about the self-service bandwagon

11 Oct 2012

Why does the IT industry assume that ‘self-service’ is always the way to go? When we speak to our clients, it’s frequently not what they want — at least, not if self-service means self-provisioning.

Colt delivers in-house legal team innovation

09 Oct 2012

In general, the legal department isn’t always associated with innovative ways of providing services, but here at Colt, we’ve taken a good, hard look at how we provide those services to our business for our internal and external customers, to…

Gaining traction – building Cloud-based revenue

08 Oct 2012

The growth in cloud-based services predicted by IDC comes as no surprise. The fact that these services will account for 16% of all IT spend will make IT channel partners sit up and take note as it presents a significant…

Ein wichtiger Schritt in Richtung Cloud-basierten Services für den Mittelstand

08 Oct 2012

Die Übernahme des Cloud-Plattform-Anbieters ThinkGrid ist ein weiterer Meilenstein für Colt auf dem Weg hin zur gewünschten Position am Markt für Cloud-basierte Services. So haben wir ab sofort die Möglichkeit, unter anderem VDI oder Collaboration and Communication Services über indirekte…

CPE: From Customer Premises Equipment to Cloud Powered Experience

04 Oct 2012

Historically most Service Providers, especially for their business offerings, have been installing multiple devices on customer premises to deliver Internet access or IPVPN services over diverse WAN transport technologies. Beyond the higher unit cost and more complex service delivery and…

Weshalb sich die IT grundlegend geändert hat

02 Oct 2012

Bei der Bereitstellung und der Nutzung von IT Services werden umfassende Veränderungen deutlich. Die Auswirkungen werden für jedermann spürbar sein, sowohl im privaten als auch im geschäftlichen Bereich. Beim Design neuer Geräte und Rechenzentren, der Software-Entwicklung und bei der Bereitstellung…

Ist Self Service wirklich das, wonach Kunden suchen?

01 Oct 2012

Warum nimmt die IT-Branche an, dass „Self Service“ immer der richtige Weg ist? Häufig geht aus Gesprächen mit unseren Kunden hervor, dass dies nicht das ist, was sie wollen; zumindest nicht, wenn Self Service – Self Provisioning bedeutet.

Why IT will never be the same again

01 Oct 2012

There are major changes underway in the delivery and consumption of IT services that will impact everybody in their personal and business lives. While the effects are being felt already in the design of new devices, software development, data centre…

Real-time IT management from the Cloud – ThinkGrid’s Channel Advantage

27 Sep 2012

As more organisations move to provision their IT externally, companies are turning to the channel to provide them with advanced solutions that are smart, flexible and cost-effective. The idea of a customer being able to turn-on IT at a switch,…

Big Data is getting bigger and bigger

18 Sep 2012

Every day we are bombarded by companies and media telling us that Big Data is the next big thing. But in truth Big Data, or the large quantities of information we collect on a daily basis, is already impacting our…


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