Alessandro Vigilante

Alessandro Vigilante (Ale) runs Business Development & Strategy for Colt’s Voice business. He is tasked with identifying, assessing and executing inorganic cash uplift opportunities, from disruptive products and innovative commercial offers through to M&A deals. He is a so-called Growth Engineer, with brainstorm-to-cash experience in taking product portfolios and sales channels through digital transformation. He holds a Master of Industrial Engineering and an MBA. Catch up with Ale’s latest views at

Smile: Your company is in beta

29 May 2014

A message has become particularly common on our mobile screens: ‘update available’. Regardless of the mobile device or operating system being used, users are regularly offered to upgrade their applications for enhanced features. Even if the feature has already been…

Companies and the Startup and Growth Engineering

20 May 2014

I grew up in Switzerland. The closest place where we could go skiing in the winter was a 1,650m mountain 15min away from home. Due to global warming and the progressively poorer snow conditions, in 2003 the resort was converted…

Six Things you NEED to know about Innovation

15 Jan 2014

The pressure on companies to innovate, evolve, and adapt is unrelenting. With rapid advances in technology and global economic shifts, building the momentum to translate fresh ideas into reality can seem like an impossible task. This is why many people…

Colt’s “intrapreneurship” journey

25 Oct 2012

Last Tuesday night, the Colt Innovation & Prototyping team, which I lead, attended the Market Gravity and Wired UK Corporate Entrepreneur Awards. The awards recognize and celebrate the achievements of teams who are working hard within large companies to deliver…

The CIO of 2015

19 Oct 2012

In the last few weeks I’ve met a number of CIOs at various industry events including the CIO Connect Annual Conference. The main recurring theme was “Where is the CIO role going?” driven by three major trends. First is the…