Victor Smith

Victor Smith, Director, Product Development for Colt Data Centre Services. Victor joined the team on 28th May. In his new role, Victor is key in cementing Colt's data centre product and service strategy as we look to innovate and extend our reach. Victor works very closely with the design team as well as with the marketing to ensure our future roadmap takes into account not only market requirements and further engineering innovations, but also continues to be optimally positioned in the market.

Speed of IT change: the challenge of forecasting data centre requirements

05 Mar 2014

Everybody talks about the speed of IT change, however it always has been – and will continue to be – much faster than everybody expects. Think about technology twenty years ago. The internet was in its infancy, the founder of…

You want flex? You got flex!

14 Nov 2012

I’d like to say the days of taking the old crystal ball approach to planning data centre capacity is long gone, but what choice is there? You know you need data centre capacity, you’re building it on your own site,…

Tier III Design Certification for Modular Data Centre brings great benefits

04 Sep 2012

Yesterday, Colt Data Centre Services were delighted to share the news that we’ve been awarded the Uptime Institute’s Tier III Certification of Design Documents for two of our halls in our London 3 facility. This is great news not only…

Deployment of a new Modular Data Centre in Paris

07 Aug 2012

Colt recently deployed a new 1,000 m2 modular data centre space at our flagship site south of Paris to meet increasing data storage demand in France. Weighing a combined 550 tonnes, the modules were pre-fabricated in the UK and shipped…

Operational excellence in a modular data centre

28 Jun 2012

Demand for data storage is growing at a tremendous rate in European markets such as France, where Colt recently made an additional 1,000 m2 of modular data centre space available at its flagship site South of Paris.