Global manufacturing company trusts Colt for critical connectivity between the Middle East and Europe

The customer:

A household name in manufacturing with operations worldwide, including a long-standing presence in the Middle East.

Previously, its sites in the Middle East were responsible for sourcing their own connectivity solutions. They used local providers for services such as internet access and connections to key locations in Europe and elsewhere.

The challenge:

To ensure reliable, high-speed connectivity between Dubai and Europe

The local sourcing model meant the central technology leadership team had no oversight or control over their connections. In addition, the associated service level agreements(SLAs) were generally less stringent than those offered by the company’s international connectivity provider’s.

Over time, the manufacturer’s operations in the Middle East have become strategically more important to the business as a whole. Recognising this as a common shift across a number of industries – supported by recent Colt research showing that 29% of IT decisionmakers expect to extend their digital infrastructure to the Middle East – Colt has developed a compelling proposition for connectivity in the region.

The solution:

A high-speed managed Ethernet Line with an optimised cost/performance ratio

The manufacturing company’s technology leadership team constantly redefines the global networking architecture and strategy to meet evolving business needs. It entrusts the majority of its connectivity needs to a handful of key suppliers, including Colt. Given the increasing value attached to the company’s Middle Eastern operations, the team wanted to bring connectivity in the region under closer control.

It chose Colt to provide a point-to-point Ethernet connection to carry core data traffic between the company’s Dubai operations and a critical European data centre. Colt Ethernet Line is a managed layer 2 service that provides secure, cost effective, high-speed connectivity for data exchange, with guaranteed bandwidth and performance.

The benefits:

Lumen acquisition extends reach and Dubai comes to the fore

Colt has strengthened its partnerships with local connectivity providers and aggregators in multiple Middle Eastern countries. Colt now offers greater commercial flexibility with more competitive pricing and an improved cost/performance ratio. Customers can confidently move circuits from a local provider to Colt to gain access to these benefits with no risk or change in service.

The company benefits from the same SLA on the Ethernet connection as on other Colt-provided connectivity services, ensuring peace of mind around uptime, reliability and stability. The technology leadership team  interacts with its familiar Colt contacts for the Dubai–Europe circuit, simplifying the supplier relationship, reducing management overhead, and ensuring a consistent customer experience.

“Closing this acquisition [of the Lumen business in EMEA] brings us to a momentous point in our growth journey and marks our deep commitment to our customers, helping them scale and grow. It brings us amazing new talent; extends our technology portfolio and our partner ecosystem; and significantly expands our digital infrastructure as we enter new markets across Eastern Europe, the UAE and parts of Africa.”

Keri Gilder , CEO, Colt

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