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High-speed business internet access, up to 100Gbps across the globe.

Leased Line is supported by our fully owned and managed network that provides secure and reliable connectivity to your business. We know how critical it is for businesses to have an online presence. With the shift towards cloud-based applications, VoIP (Voice over IP), Website hosting and even file transfers, we’ve got you covered with our guaranteed 99.99% SLA.

What can you get with Colt Leased Line?

Network coverage

Our award-winning global network spans 32 countries, 51 major metropolitan cities across Europe, Asia and the US.

High-performance, high-bandwidth connectivity

We know speed is critical which is why we offer up to 100Gbps. Our 100% guaranteed uncontended bandwidth means you get reliable high performance.

Guaranteed SLAs

We guarantee our SLAs up to 99.99% - the equivalent of less than one hour downtime annually.

Customer service

With our 24/7 customer support, we’re ready if anything goes wrong.

Future Proof

Avoid the hassle of ever changing ISP again. We always meet the ever-changing needs of digital with our scalable bandwidth and our 15+ add-ons.


Design your ideal leased line service by cherry picking from managed CPE and multiple IP address options; IPV6, workforce mobility, usage based billing, domain hosting and security like DDoS protection.

Learn more about Colt Business Internet & VPN Services

Want to learn more about our business internet & VPN services?
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SD-WAN as a Service
Colt is leveraging an intelligent SD WAN platform to manage which data goes over the internet versus which data stays on private networks.

Colt’s business VPN means you don’t have to compromise; do business over a secure private network while getting the cost-saving benefits of a shared global network.

DDoS Protection
24/7 internet security solutions; from managed firewalls to DDoS protection.

Cloud Prioritisation for Microsoft 365

Colt Cloud Prioritisation is a feature now available for all new and existing Colt Leased Line customers. It provides a guaranteed performance for Microsoft Office 365 services via public Internet. Microsoft traffic can be prioritised over standard Internet traffic on the customers router and the Colt Edge Router. The service also features a high performance direct peering infrastructure between Colt and Microsoft in 21 cities across Europe and Asia.


Chiyoda Corporation

Chiyoda Corporation specializes in constructing facilities for utilities, biochemistry, environmental technology, and other industries in more than 40 countries around the world.

DDOS-Mitigation-iStock-629285904-720x440 (1)

DDos Protection

Colt’s specialists work around the clock and, if there’s a breach, can stop hackers in their tracks.

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Colt furthers collaboration with Microsoft

To continue to support organisations’ on-going cloud migrations, Colt is deepening its collaboration with Microsoft becoming a partner of its Microsoft Azure Peering Service and Azure Networking Managed Service Provider programmes.