Colt is a Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) service provider, which means we can provide our customers with enterprise grade connections directly into Google Cloud Platform.

google cloud interconnect diagram

Google Cloud Platform enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure and customers can choose from computing, storage and application services for web, mobile and backend solutions. For more details, please see

Colt has built high bandwidth connections into Google Cloud Platform across multiple locations, which means customers who buy our IP Access and IP-VPN services benefit from a consistent, reliable network experience when they connect to Google Cloud Platform.

Our connections to Google Cloud Platform are built with a high level of resilience, and customer traffic does not need to leave the Colt IP network so  the shortest route is always taken.

What does this mean to Colt’s IP customers?

  • Faster performance – Google Cloud Platform traffic always takes the shortest path across the Colt IP network, which means reduced latency and faster performance
  • Better resilience –   Colt has multiple links into Google Cloud Platform, which means there is always an alternative route into Google Cloud Platform
  • No third parties – Colt provides direct connectivity into Google Cloud Platform, so enterprise traffic is not routed over any third party network
  • No network congestion – our links into Google Cloud Platform are actively managed to ensure spare capacity is always available

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