Intelligent Connectivity to Google Cloud

Powered by The Colt IQ Network

The Google Cloud Platform environment provides an immense set of rich IT resources including:

  • Website and web applications
  • Big data analytics applications
  • Mission critical business applications
  • Storage and backup
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Networking and content delivery
  • Vertical specific applications (media / healthcare)

With Colt you can ease the way to connect your business into the Cloud. Colt can provide direct fibre based connectivity into the majority of Google Cloud Platform PoPs in Europe and Asia Pacific, which simplifies provisioning speed, and provides optimum traffic routes for customers. Colt addresses business locations with connections into over 200 cities globally, more than 27,000 direct fibre connected buildings and 850+ third party data centres.

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Colt and Google together

You can't have a first class cloud without a first class network.

Google Cloud is the leading IT Cloud Platform worldwide, allowing companies of all sizes to reap immediate AI benefits and to use compute resources and applications to resolve their business needs.

‘Cloudified’ the network: The Colt IQ Network has been optimised to deliver a secure & private connection, on a consumption based model, to all services available in the Google Cloud.

Secure, open, intelligent and transformative: The Google Cloud Platform is designed to support a  company's transformation and is constantly growing and adapting dynamically to market demands. The Colt IQ Network couples seamlessly with Google Cloud’s pay as you use business model.

Ecosystem connection: The Google Cloud ecosystem uncovers opportunities to deliver differentiated services.

Leading digital transformation: Google Cloud Platform is the leading cloud platform for digital transformation. Colt has the leading network facilitating fast and reliable access to the Google Cloud Platform.

Customers can establish private connectivity from their data centres, offices or colocation environments, which reduces network costs, increases bandwidth throughput, and provides a consistent user experience.​

Your four key benefits

Security (risk management)

Migrating mission critical data either financial or personal implies major risks for organisations in order of brand damage and substantial fines in case of data leaks. Our solution helps mitigate this risk.

User experience

If the end users reject using the application in the cloud due to performance issues the implementation is bound to fail. Colt connectivity ensures peak performance.


Time to market

Traditional WAN suppliers have big challenges to keep up with new technologies by the big public cloud providers. The WAN is in many cases the blocking factor for cloud adoption - it doesn't need to be with Colt.

Cost reduction

Dedicated connectivity can bring you a more effective cost than internet based connectivity by having a lower rate for the traffic being exchanged within Google Cloud. The greater the volume of data you exchange the greater the benefit in the savings.

Your resources

Save on IT Costs and increase agility

Colt Technology Services helps guide your journey to Google's cost-effective, scalable and reliable cloud computing.

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Dedicated Cloud Access

Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) service gives businesses a superior cloud networking experience when compared to relying on public internet.

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Google Cloud Compute Engine

Get the benefit of Google’s constant innovation and improvement by using Google Cloud’s highly reliable infrastructure with no up-front costs, pay-by-the-minute pricing and automatic discounts.

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