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As the adoption of bandwidth hungry applications such as real time video ramps up and the bulk of business traffic shifts to internet-based services, enterprises are facing network connectivity constraints. Many organisations already have a complex mix of hybrid infrastructure and this is not going to change, with different sites making different demands on connectivity capabilities.

Forward looking organisations – those that are often the most advanced in terms of digital transformation - are pressing to maintain capacity to and between geographically distributed data centres, in order to achieve the required agility to compete. Furthermore, each branch office, remote site or headquarters will have its own requirements for voice, private WAN and internet connectivity, based on demands including security, reliability, bandwidth, latency or cost, among many other factors.

Colt can offer flexible, secure and futureproof solutions enabling businesses to cope with the spiralling bandwidth demands. Discover the Colt IQ Network which delivers high-bandwidth connectivity for Optical, IP, Voice and Capital Markets.

An intelligent business needs an intelligent network.

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Colt’s Cybersecurity services monitor, detect and protect your data and IT infrastructure from cyber threats and security incidents and help you manage your risk.



Colt’s Optical portfolio delivers a comprehensive & scalable portfolio for all your high bandwidth requirements.



Colt's Voice portfolio delivers reliable and affordable carrier and enterprise business grade services to both enterprises and Service Providers (Carriers, Cloud Service Providers).



Colt’s IP portfolio offers a premium and comprehensive set of managed network services to securely access all kind of customer sites, clouds and the Internet.


Capital Markets

We combine Capital Markets expertise with Colt infrastructure assets to deliver on-demand services that meet the requirements and speed of the financial markets.