Shareholders of Colt Group S.A. (the “Company”) were informed on 1 December 2015 that Lightning Investors Limited (“Lightning”), the majority shareholder of the Company, has notified the Company and the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier of its decision to exercise its rights of mandatory squeeze-out on all the shares in the Company it does not yet directly or indirectly hold (the “Squeeze-Out”) pursuant to article 4(3) of the Luxembourg law of 21 July 2012 on the squeeze-out and compulsory buyout of securities of companies which are or have been admitted to trading on a regulated market (the “Law”). The Squeeze-Out procedure ended on 2 February 2016 and all the Company’s shares were transferred to Lightning by operation of law.

If you did not receive payment for your shares, you must contact the Luxembourg State Treasury (Trésorerie de l’Etat – Caisse de Consignation) to claim your money. The Luxembourg State Treasury will start processing the first claims received in March 2016. Their contact details are set out below:

Trésorerie de l’Etat
3, rue du Saint-Esprit,
L-1475 Luxembourg, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
Telephone: +352 247-82776
Fax +352 46 72 62

This page contains all previous announcements and communications with respect of the Squeeze-Out process:

For further questions, please contact the Company Secretariat on:

Colt Announcements

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Communications to Shareholders

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Payment Instructions

Squeeze Out Payment - Mandate Form - Oversea Holders2.6mb PDF

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