Arno van Gennip

Arno is a Chief Engineer for Colt Data Centre Services and is responsible for managing the daily operations of the Colt’s central region data centre and node estate. The central region in Colt comprises Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Austria and translates into more than 30,000m2 of rack rooms and 22,000m2 of office space. Arno has held various roles at Colt over the last 10 years, many of which were involved in the expansion of Colt’s data centre and node estate. Previously he was a Project Leader at Ebatech Technical Consultants. Arno qualified as an Electrical Engineer from Rotterdam University.

Colt award win demonstrates innovation in data centre design & build

20 May 2014

Six weeks after the shortlist was announced, Colt won the 2014 Datacentre Solutions Awards in the Datacentre Design & Build category. At Colt, we always strive to deliver cutting-edge services that exceed industry standards and meet customer demands. So we’re…

Location, location, location

07 Nov 2013

Earlier this year, I was asked what are the three most important factors to consider when building a new data centre. My answer (to borrow an old phrase from the property market) was simple: location, location, location.

The Power Usage Challenge: Improving Data Centre Efficiency

15 Aug 2013

Energy usage in data centres represents a substantial business expense across the industry, accounting for 30–50% of data centre operating costs. With electricity consumption across Europe’s data centres projected to grow by over 70% by 2020, there is a pressing…