Ian Dixon

Ian is Vice President Operations of Colt Data Centre Services and is responsible for managing the operations of the Data Centre and Node estate for Colt Telecommunications. He has over 25 years experience in the data centre and telecommunications industry and has been engaged in delivering data centre services to customers since 1997. Ian has held various senior roles at Colt over the last 10 years, including heading up the technical design team that developed Colt’s Modular Datacentre offering and for managing UK sales for data centres and managed services. Previously he was Product Director at City Reach International, a data centre start up. Prior to this he managed application and web hosting line of business at BT responsible for bringing their first data centre hosting offerings to market.

What the Climate Change Agreement means for colocation providers

05 Sep 2014

Earlier last month, the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) for the UK data centre industry came into force. The CCA means that energy intensive sectors can claim discounts on carbon taxes in return for implementing energy efficiency measures, helping the UK…

Dall’efficienza energetica alla sostenibilità aziendale

Su input della Commissione Europea , le aziende dei diversi settori sono tenute a misurare il loro impatto ambientale. L’obiettivo principale è quello di puntare su una corretta gestione ambientale e sulla riduzione delle emissioni di CO2, così che la…

From energy efficiency to corporate sustainability

21 Apr 2014

Driven by the European Commission, companies from across different sectors are required to measure their corporate footprint. The main objective of this drive is to push environmental management and the reduction of CO2 emissions, so corporate sustainability becomes part of…

How to run your data centre efficiently

15 Apr 2014

One of the biggest challenges facing todays CIO is improving efficiency – or as it is commonly known – Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). PUE has become the de facto standard for measuring energy efficiency, environmental impact, and the cost of…

Forget the EuroMillions, get your share of €350 million!

12 Aug 2013

Many of Europe’s data centres were designed and built 10+ years ago. A time when energy wasn’t very expensive and data centres were kept so cold, some may have considered storing their milk along with their servers.