Jay Hibbin

Jay is the Commercial Director at Marketprizm, responsible for Colt’s capital markets offering. Prior to Colt, Jay worked for Radianz from its foundation as a joint venture start-up. He has spent the majority of his career designing and selling optimised infrastructure services for the financial sector.

Best-practice risk controls emerging from new Asia regulation

12 May 2014

HFT regulation has recently found its way into the news again, with the FBI joining U.S. market regulators, including the SEC, CFTC and FIRA, in investigating the impact of HFT on the US markets. The move is somewhat expected, given…

HFT in FX provides challenges as well as opportunities

11 Nov 2013

As profitability in equities has declined in recent years, firms have been increasingly looking to other asset classes to boost their profitability. This need to improve the bottom line has precipitated a move by HFT firms into the FX sector.