Peter Coppens

L’adozione del cloud rende più critica l’interconnessione dei data centre

26 Jun 2018

Le aziende più lungimiranti, in quasi tutti i principali vertical, hanno capito da tempo che i dati in loro possesso e le applicazioni che utilizzano per gestirli costituiscono la linfa vitale delle loro operazioni digitali e commerciali. …

EUROVISION future proofs for on-demand, high-quality, live content

03 Apr 2014

Like most people, I expect a high quality of service from my broadcast provider(s). Whether I am watching sporting events or news coverage, I expect to do so without interruptions or delays to programming. If a broadcaster falls foul of…

Sharing the network virtualisation dividend for real on demand bandwidth

31 May 2013

Instant gratification is a trend of our age. We both expect and want products and services now. And this is fulfilled by a new powerful nexus of online services, smart devices, supply chains and much more.