Robin Saphra

Robin Saphra, General Counsel, Colt. Robin leads the Legal and Regulatory teams who provide support, guidance and advice to all of Colt's Business Units. He is also accountable for compliance across the group and for developing the regulatory dimension of our corporate strategy. Prior to joining Colt in September 2005, Robin had worked internationally in Africa, Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean and North America. He began his career in media, working for the BBC after emigrating to the UK from South Africa. In 1992 he qualified as a lawyer, joining a specialist telecoms law firm. In 1997, he joined One2One, then a start-up UK mobile operator running the word's first GSM 1800 network and subsequently served as Executive Director for Strategic Development at T-Mobile International until shortly before joining Colt.

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Colt delivers in-house legal team innovation

09 Oct 2012

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