Scott Allen

Scott is the Marketing Director for Colt's enterprise business focussing on awareness, demand generation and sales enablement. He has held a number of senior marketing positions in the pan-European enterprise space, as well as launching several successful start-up brands.

The role of the CMO in CIO decision making

18 Dec 2013

I read an interesting article about the Dawn of the ‘Disruptive CIO‘ and it really mirrors and builds on my thoughts in ‘The parallel universe of today’s CIO and CMO’ blog – about how CMOs leading technology companies need to…

Ten years on: the changing face of Christmas consumption

09 Dec 2013

Over the last decade online retail has become dwarfed by a succession of record-breaking statistics. By 2012, 115m visits to UK shopping websites were made on one day alone. That day was 3 December, dubbed Mega Monday or sometimes Cyber…

The parallel universe of today’s CIO and CMO

01 Nov 2013

My March 2013 blog post entitled Is there still room for the CIO and CMO at the top table ended with me wondering how the roles would evolve in 2013.

Liberating your IT department

22 Oct 2013

Technology is the great enabler. Or rather it should be. All too often managing technology can become an all-consuming task, leaving the IT department with little time to engage with key stakeholders and departments across the business. Even companies with…

Customer loyalty that scales

08 Oct 2013

When focussing on growth, flexibility and scalability are valuable attributes to have. In order to remain competitive, businesses must be able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, and implement product or service enhancements at ever greater speeds.

Customers want complexity and confusion. Right?

22 Jun 2013

We all know this is not the case but sometimes it feels that it is overly complicated for enterprises to buy and consume ICT.

What really makes an eTown? (an alternative view to Google)

18 Apr 2013

With a murmur of general unhappiness about the state of rural broadband, as well as the announcement that the European Commission is cutting budgets for rollouts, Google crowning ‘tech-savvy eTowns’ in the UK seems to be a bit out of…

Is there still room for a CIO and a CMO at the top table?

20 Mar 2013

I read an interesting blog article recently that discusses the value of a CIO in today’s data driven, SaaS and cloud-enabled world. The author William Mougayar suggests that the CMO has risen at the expense of the CIO and that…