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Colt IN over Carrier VoIP – wholesale VoIP services specifically addresses the needs of Service Providers looking for dial-in numbers for their call centres and conferencing services in Europe.

Simplify your business

Manage all your inbound traffic to your Intelligent Network (IN) services across Europe with one single SIP interconnect.

We collect your IN calls and deliver them to your VoIP platform over our award-winning carrier-grade network in a scalable and cost-efficient way – fully compliant, supporting all country specific regulation.

Flexibility that meets your needs

Our comprehensive IN Services  (cloud telephone systems) portfolio offers you Freephone, Shared Cost, Premium Rate and geographic numbers in 13 European countries.

Choose the SIP interconnect option which fits your business requirements (Ethernet servicesIP VPN with a guaranteed quality of service or public internet to connect your businesses worldwide).

Bill your end-customers in a flexible way with our twice daily standardised unrated CDRs.

Keep it simple and regulatory compliant

Stay focused on your business. Avoid complexity of contracting with multiple national operators and investing in local processes – with a unique, pan-European customer experience.

With more than 20 years’ regulatory experience, and our award-winning network, we are the European partner of choice for business phone numbers.



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