New Year’s Message for 2023 from Masato Hoshino

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From Masato Hoshino, President and Representative Director, Colt Technology Services, Japan


We would like to cordially greet you on a New Year.

We would also like to thank our customers, partners, and other stakeholders for their continued support to us during the past year.

Last year was a year in which, along with the continuation of remote and hybrid work due to the continued effects of the new coronavirus that has yet to be contained and various other geopolitical challenges that we face globally, the securing of communications infrastructure became critical as ever in order to live our lives and operate our businesses.  Through the year, we have seen the market continue to progress efforts in digital transformation initiatives with heavier reliance on cloud technologies.  We have been in a unique position to support many enterprises in digital/network transformation by supporting migrations to SD WAN and SDN capabilities, new access capabilities to the Internet such as wireless access for more flexibility and cloud connectivity through added coverage across the region.

In that, in 2022 we announced “4G/5G Wireless Access” last October, and the “Colt SASE Solution,” which includes “Colt SD WAN Remote Access” and “Colt SWG Remote Access” last November.  We also started offering Japanese language support of zscaler products.

Colt Technology Services has also continued to invest in infrastructure by putting more fibers in the ground and expanding its end-to-end optical fiber network, which is one of our strengths, not only in Japan but also in Asia and all over the world.

Furthermore, the proposed acquisition of Lumen Technologies, announced last November, is part of this effort to increase our coverage and capabilities in the EMEA region.

In the coming year, Colt is in the planning phase of extending our coverage in Japan, in addition to the existing locations in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto.  we plan to continue to expand our coverage and collaborate with SI partners’ data centers to strengthen our service offerings throughout Japan and within Asia region.

Colt’s goal is to be a “Digital Infrastructure Company” that can provide the best network “whenever, wherever, and however” to a wide range of companies.  We here at Colt are proud and happy to have supported many businesses on this journey throughout the year and look forward to continue to support you all in your efforts to continue to optimize and grow your businesses.

We hope that you will continue to experience our growth and evolution, and we also appreciate your continued support and guidance in the coming year.

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Colt Technology Services

05 January 2023



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