Welcome to cloud connectivity, on demand.

Colt & Oracle share a joint purpose and focus to deliver transformation to global enterprises by enabling fast and successful migrations of critical business systems to the cloud.

Secure and reliable connectivity to the cloud

Colt provides connectivity solutions for Oracle customers looking to migrate to Oracle CIoud Infrastructure (OCI). Colt’s secure, flexible, high bandwidth, on-demand network offering will help your business to mitigate the risks of performance loss, downtime and privacy when connecting to the cloud.

Colt is a Gold-level Oracle Partner Network member and Global OCI Fast-Connect Partner, providing point-to-point and multicloud Ethernet connectivity solutions (on request a managed router or IP-VPN integration can be offered). Your Dedicated Cloud Access solution will be delivered in sync with OCI - so you can benefit from an end to end cloud experience from the very first minute.

Why build a dedicated cloud connection with Colt?

Enhanced security

The traffic between customer enterprise sites and OCI is routed entirely across the Colt IQ Network, so that customers can be assured that their mission critical traffic is safe in our hands.

Better resilience

Colt's award-winning network services are provided with a high degree of resilience. Moreover, we offer customers high availability connectivity backed by an enterprise-grade SLA to key OCI regions in Europe, Asia & the US.

Faster performance

Colt operates one of the lowest latency networks in Europe and Asia, so data is routed over the lowest-latency paths to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions, creating the most seamless performance possible.

Predictable experience

Keeping your traffic independent of the internet means that your customers and your business users can enjoy consistent application performance without performance issues that are out of your control.

On Demand capability

Colt Dedicated Cloud Access for OCI offering is also available On Demand, delivering a Cloud-like network connectivity experience. Thanks to our investment in Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology, integrated into the global, Colt IQ Network, our customers benefit from a Portal-driven orchestration layer supporting real-time ordering, near real-time provisioning & bandwidth flexing underpinned by a flexible consumption-based billing model and backed by our enterprise-grade SLA.

This includes a range of connectivity options that have been customised for better integration into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, such as Point-to-Point Ethernet for customers who need to connect a single site, and on request IP-VPN for customers who want to share Oracle Cloud access across multiple sites.

2020 development plan to OCI regions

Oracle separates access points (“PoP”) from the Data Centres (“regions”) in which the services are housed.

We provide direct fibre connectivity into all Oracle Cloud PoPs in Europe, Asia & the US, which simplifies speeds of provisioning, and gives optimum traffic routes for customers.

More than 25,000 direct fibre connected buildings and 900+ third party data centres. With Colt’s worldwide connectivity network, we ease the way to connect your network into the cloud.

To find out more about our presence in these locations, send us an email or chat to an advisor

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